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The Australian Miniature Pony was derived from selectively breeding down in miniature, the smaller known pony and horse breeds. Decades of dedicated breeding, refining height and conformation, has achieved as it is seen today.

As suggested, size is a very important requirement and the Ponies must never exceed 87 centimetres.

The Australian Miniature Pony Society Inc was formed in July 1974 at Liverpool, NSW, as a result of an inaugural meeting attended by a number of people intent on creating and promoting this unique, new Australian Miniature Pony. From this and many subsequent meetings, the Australian Miniature Pony was registered in its own right.

Interest has spread rapidly to all Australian states, with small, quality breeding stock being in great demand.

The Australian Miniature Pony is highly intelligent, has a gentle and affectionate nature and requires firm but kind handling. These tiny ponies have gained many admirers through their regular public appearances at children's hospitals, schools, retirement homes and functions.

Standard of Excellence:

The Australian Miniature Pony is a small well proportioned pony; possessing good temperament, not exceeding 87cms and free of hereditary unsoundness, exhibiting no vices, showing refinement and femininity in mares and boldness and masculinity in stallions. The pony should be robust enough to carry a small child or pull an adult in a small vehicle. The pony should also possess the characteristics recognised of a typical pony in miniature. In judging all factors being equal, preference could be given to the smaller size.









Small to medium in size.
Comparatively small, head well in proportion to the rest of the body;
profile straight or slightly concave (dished) below eyes; comparatively small
muzzle, round expressive eyes set well apart, comparatively short distance
between eye and muzzle.

Should meet evenly, no more than 3mm variation acceptable.
Lightly crested on mares and moderately crested on stallions.
The length of the neck will be proportional to the body.

Should have well sprung ribs, a generous girth, a slight natural curve in
the back and a strong well rounded rump; the whole body shall present a
picture of balance and shall be in proportion for the height.
The body should not be coarse or overlong.

Are straight, true and squarely set, straight sound flat bone, strong forearm,
short cannon bone, strong sloping pasterns.

Should be smooth showing free flexion of the joints without exaggeration.

All colours are acceptable.

Must measure 87cm or under, measured at the highest point of the withers.
The pony must stand naturally with head held in a natural position and all
four hoofs standing squarely on the ground (not stretched)



If on the day of an Australian Miniature Pony Society Inc. show/event the following things are noted about an Australian Miniature Pony entered or it's handler, it is to be recommended for disqualification in respectful manner from the show/event under the guidelines of the show/event. If there are no specific guidelines dealing with disqualifications at that show/event, then the steward should be informed by a financial Australian Miniature Pony Society Inc. member of the potential disqualification issue/s and the judge asked to provide a ruling on the issue/s at hand (prior to the Australian Miniature Pony entering the ring):

* Unregistered Australian Miniature Pony.
* Unfinancial handler (handler unable to produce current Australian Miniature Pony
   Society Inc. membership card/receipt.
* Over height, i.e. over 87cms (measured on the day of the show by an Australian  
   Miniature Pony Society Inc. measurer).
* Colts/Stallion 2years and over not bitted(all colts/stallions 2years and over must be
   shown in a bitted bridle and handled by an adult).
* Dwarfism.
* Tranquillised Australian Miniature Pony.
* Overshot or parrot mouth in excess of 3mm maximum.
* Monorchids or cryptorchids in stallions.
* Locked stifle, congenital cataract, nasal disease, malformation of genitals.

In all of the above cases, the approach to the handler/judge must be done in a tactful and discrete manner bringing no embarrassment or untoward comment to the owner/handler. The show/event organisers MUST have it clearly stated on the program and/or entry that the show/event is run under Australian Miniature Pony Society Inc. rules; otherwise Australian Miniature Pony Society Inc. ruling cannot be raised.






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