South Australian Promotional Group

Australian Miniature Pony Society Inc

State Delegate Report:  January, 2017

Dear Members, 
 I hope that 2017 is good for you all, with lots of fun times and most of all, good health and happiness. 
 I cannot believe how quickly the three months between Newsletters goes, it‟s as if it‟s three weeks, not three months ! 
 Show Season:   Last year our Show season worked so well and taking into consideration Member feedback, we planned this season to have a similar number of our own Shows, with a few Agricultural and Breed Shows; choosing the Shows that were offered to us at the more reasonable fee.     Well  …  that was the plan … however the season so far has been a nightmare   ….. starting with the first Show, we had problems of one kind or another, with every Show  …  Classes left out, or incorrect Classes in Show Programmes from Ag Societies,  totally left off some Show Programmes …. and so it went on until our own first Show … well the ground was too wet to hold the Show  … other years we have had to postpone Shows due to the heat but this time it was due to the wet grounds  …. so a total of 3 of our own Shows plus another Breed Show were not able to be held due to the wet condition of the oval !!! Thankfully, with a great deal of re-arranging venues, Judges, Stewards etc etc, we hope we have been able to overcome this by adding some more Double Shows to the Show Calendar.  The updated Calendar of Shows & Events has been handed out to Members at Shows and is also enclosed with this Newsletter.
 High Point:   Due to the fact that we had to postpone several Shows and some Members are unable to attend the Shows on the  re-scheduled dates, together with the difficulties we have encountered this Season, it has been decided that in the interest of fairness to all Competitors, we have reduced the number of Shows that Members have to attend to obtain their High Points.  This means that Members only have to Show at 8 Shows to be eligible for inclusion in the free High Point.  An updated High Point Conditions sheet is enclosed with this Newsletter. 
 Angaston Feature Show:   Due to the success of last year‟s Feature Show, run in conjunction with the Angaston Show Society, we are again running our own Show, as a feature of the Angaston Ag Show, therefore all entries will be sent to me.  We will also be doing a combined Performance demonstration at the completion of the Classes.  More information is on the Conditions of Entry, Show Schedule and Entry Form, all of which are contained in the Newsletter.   Everyone attending this Feature Show must be Angaston Show Society Members, which is $14-00 for 2 Adults and MUST be paid to AMPS® with their Angaston Feature Show entries, as we have to pay the Angaston Show Society prior to the Show.     Anyone who has any queries with regards to this Show, please let me know.   
 Foal – Young & Mature-Stock Show:   This will be held in conjunction with the Adelaide Animal Expo, which is on Friday 28 April, Saturday 29 April and Sunday 30 April, 2017.   We had an excellent Show last year and I know Members are looking forward to that, as it will be a great promotional event, as we will also have Miniature Ponies on display for the three days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)  of the Expo, as well as having our Show.  We will also be doing Performance demonstrations with the SA Performance Ponies throughout the Expo. 
 Due to the location and the opportunity to showcase our fantastic Miniature Ponies and the popularity of these Classes last year, we will be having Mature–Stock Classes again this year, therefore extending it to a Foal ,Young & Mature-Stock Show and we will then have an Overall Supreme of Show;  which, by the way was won by a Foal last year !
 Also due to the location and the chance to show how versatile our Ponies are, we will also have some extra and  Performance Classes and also add a Versatility Pony of Show and Runner-up award.   So, if you are interested in being involved in that, just make sure that you enter the appropriate Classes. Details regarding the Show date and time, the Show Schedule, Conditions of Entry, Entry Form and Stable requirement information will be included in the next Newsletter.   Members are also advised that Stables will again be available to use without charge, however Members need to bring their own bedding and clean up the stable/s before they leave.   
 Electronic Funds Transfer of Entry Fees:   Members are finding this method of payment very convenient and the system is working well.   All details are on the Entry Forms.     If you do pay for your SA Show entries via EFT,  please remember to put your AMPS® Membership Number, followed by the words SA SHOW ENTRIES, otherwise your Show entries will not be accepted.  Also please advise me you have done so and if you pay via EFT, you can email me your Entry Form , but you must give me the original signed copy to me on the day of the Show, BEFORE  the start of the Show.   
 Insurance at Breed Shows:   I am very pleased to advise Members that we have now been able to confirm that ALL Groups that we have Shows with, have confirmed in writing that our AMPS® Insurance covers ALL AMPS®  Members entered in the AMPS® Classes at their Shows.   This has been possible due to the fact that our Insurance Brokers have confirmed in writing with the Groups concerned and that we are sent entries prior to the Show, to check Memberships and Pony Registrations and that I or an authorized representative Steward the ring and ensure that ONLY AMPS® Members enter the ring.    However, Members need to be aware that if they are at a Breed Show this ONLY applies to the sanctioned AMPS® Classes, run under our AMPS® Rules that are our High Point Classes, as per our list provided by us. 
 Members are advised that this also applies to the Murray Bridge All Breed Show, which is being held on 12 February, 2017 and that they do not have to pay the extra $20-00 to cover insurance for that Show, if they are only showing in the AMPS® ring.  .  
 If anyone would like any confirmation with regard to Insurance, please don‟t hesitate to contact me.  
AMPS® Classes at the Royal Autumn Horse Show ~ 1 / 2  April, 2017:    I understand some Members have been sent information regarding entering these Classes.        Members are reminded that these are NOT HIGH POINT CLASSES.   
 State Championship Show:   Having had to postpone our Championship Show last year due to the extreme heat, we were all worried about the same thing happening again  ….  however, that was far from the weather that welcomed us on arrival at the Oakbank School Oval  …  wet …. windy  and wild !!!    With several Members checking their phones for updates of the horrific storm headed for us.   A quick discussion with Members and the Judge and it was agreed to try to at least get through the Breed Classes and if possible all the High Point Classes, as at that point the thought of having to re-schedule another date would have been a nightmare, given all the other Shows we had to re-schedule.   
 So we got underway, with the weather so bad that we could not put all the Trophies and Sashes out, Trophies, Sashes and Garlands were put in and out of the car in and out of the rain and consequently some Trophies were not awarded on the day, but mostly the Sashes were.  Due to the conditions, the Photographer, Janice De Gennaro, Shadow‟s Farm Photography, was unable to get photos of all the Supreme winners being presented with their awards, however we did get a few photos of the competitors and I have done a few pages of photos from the Show.     Supreme winners were to have been awarded with a lovely rug, partly sponsored by Julie Spiteri of Pocket Ponies and partly sponsored by the SA Promotional Group, however they had to be awarded at the next Show, as were the other Trophies that Members did not get on the day.    We had so many prizes and special awards planned, but unfortunately these didn‟t get awarded, however Members won‟t miss out, as these will be given out at other Shows during the Show season. 
 However Members did get their exhibitor bags, which they were all very happy about receiving and thanks to the generosity of our Sponsors, Kingston Horse Supplies, Pocket Ponies, AMPS® SA Promotional Group, Highview Holiday Village, Ty Little and myself Members received in their bags … an AMPS® Diary, Pen, a Miniature Pony Halter, grooming tool or hoof pick, Biscuits, Lollies, , a travel pack containing, Hand Sanitizer , 2 Hair Conditioning Shampoos, 2 Soaps, Shower Cap, stickers, sales brochures; so they didn‟t go home empty handed.   Our Junior Handler was also given a junior version of the exhibitor bag and Handlers were also given a bag, minus the specific pony product. 
 It was so very disappointing as the day before the Show was a magnificent day 27degrees, lovely sunny, no wind …. but the weather gods were very unkind to us and I shall never forgive the weather gods for that  !  
 The weather may have been disgustingly wet and windy, but the spirit of the Members was far from that and everyone hopped in and helped everyone else and it was amazing to see people everywhere setting up, despite the weather and even faster packing it all up again !!!    So many Members helping other Members among the laughs and frustration that hung over us all and thinking back on it, it was a really good atmosphere despite the feeling of despair at the weather as floats were parked around the ring, with people all in their floats sheltering from the elements, with their ponies standing alongside them, watching as the Classes were being judged.  
 State Championship Show Classes Not  Held:   Some Members have asked when we will have a Show to do the Classes that we didn‟t do at the State Show, but it would not be feasible to do that, as we already have enough Shows that we have had to re-schedule.    So after due consideration, it was decided that as we could only complete the High Point Classes at the Championship Show, Members who had entered other Classes that we were not able to hold, will be given a credit for one of the February Shows, i.e. the 5th February Double Show or Angaston, whichever they prefer, as some Members have already sent their entries in and paid for the 5th February Double Show.     This seemed the fairest option to take and also treated all Members equally in this regard.  If I haven‟t already, I will be in touch with those Members who have a credit and confirm the amount.   
 Promotional Events:   We have held two very successful promotional events so far this season, the first being at the Meadows Country Fair and Field Day, which we have attended for the last 4 years and the second being the Lower Lakes Stockman‟s Challenge and Bush Festival, which was the first time we had attended this event and we had been invited as a result of being seen the year before at Meadows.  So, as it usually happens, one demonstration leads to another and another and another !
 Meadows Country Fair & Field Day:   As usual the Miniature Ponies were very popular, even though it was very wet,  those who attended demonstrated with their Ponies showing everyone their versatility at Halter, Harness, Long Rein, Performance and of course Jumping, which is always the most popular.  THANKYOU to Gillian & Malcolm Arthur, Michelle Francis, Doug Lind, Andie Reithoven,          Stacey Murphy-Reithoven and Rebecca & Darren Johnston for attending and taking Ponies to what was a very wet Meadows; nevertheless everyone had a great time promoting our Miniature Ponies.  Unfortunately due to the weather we don‟t have any photos.
 Lower Lakes Stockman’s Challenge & Bush Festival:   Our second promotional event was at the Lower Lakes Stockman‟s Challenge & Bush Festival, which was held at Strathalbyn and we did much the same as we did at Meadows, although this was a 2 day promotional event.  THANKYOU to Ty Little for his assistance and Gillian & Malcolm Arthur, Michelle Francis, Doug Lind,  Andie Reithoven  and Stacey Murphy-Reithoven  for supporting us with their Miniatures and for giving demonstrations  daily for the delighted crowds who watched.   Our display was so popular that we have already been invited back again next year !  See the photo page in the Newsletter.
 Thankyou:   To all the Members who have given me pre-loved Sashes, Rosettes and Trophies; this has helped keep costs down and also resulted in us being able to provide so many lovely prizes for our State Championship Show, which  unfortunately due to the weather we weren‟t  able to finish, but these will be kept for other Shows during the season.  Members generosity in donating these things, has also enabled us to keep the cost of entries to Shows down as well, which in turn helps everyone.  So, if you have any preloved Sashes, Rosettes or Trophies you wish to donate back, I am happy to accept these. I will also respect Members privacy in this regard, if they wish to privately give them to me.
Reminder re Branding of Ponies:   Please remember that you must have Foals branded by the time they are 8 months old, however if you are selling a Foal under 8 months old, it MUST BE BRANDED BEFORE being sold, irrespective of age.   Also remember to have your Pony branded with the correct Foaling season, which is from 1 August in the current year to 31 July in the next year and confirming  for this season  „16’  is the Foaling season you should have your Ponies branded with.   Above the Foaling season brand, you should have the sequence of birth arrival.   For example, is you had a Foal born this season and it was the first Foal born, your Pony should be Branded   1   and then if you have another Foal the brand would be 2 and so on.            16               16 If you have any queries about branding, please don’t hesitate to contact me BEFORE you brand. 
Reminder re Upgrading Ponies & having their required Measturements done:    Members are reminded that Ponies MUST be upgraded at 2 years old to enable them to Show.  This maybe done up to 30 days BEFORE the Pony‟s actual birthday, so remember to keep an eye on the dates of Shows and also take into account that the mail is going to be somewhat slower and mail to the office in NSW is also always considerably slower.  Please remember  to let me know when you enter the Show, if you have sent your upgrade to the Office and I can monitor the process. As long as it has been processed in the Office and I am advised, you can Show.  
 Also remember to make sure that your Pony is measured at 4 years old and if measuring 85.5cm at 4 years old, MUST be re-measured at 6 years old.  These are constitutional requirements and must be attended to.  If anyone has any queries with regards to requirements of having their Ponies measured, please contact me.   Also remember if purchasing a Pony, to check these measurements have been done as required.  We have recently made some amendments to the Registration Certificates to make it easier to see that these measurements have been done and recorded.   
 Welcome new Members ~  Welcome back re-joining Members ~ Welcome back to the  AMPS® Show~Ring :   We have several new Members in SA over the past couple of months and also several re-joining Members, some of whom have started showing which is great and in addition to that we have some Members who have not shown in our AMPS® ring for some years, come back to showing in our ring, which is also great to see our numbers on the rise again.       Welcome and welcome back everyone  !
Email  & other communications:    From time to time we need to email information to Members and if you wish to be included in any email communication and you are unsure if I have your email address, please send it to me.    I always reply to emails, although sometimes due to work commitments, it may take a day or two to reply, so,  if you have not had a reply within a few days, please resend as sometimes emails go astray.  I prefer emails to facebook messages, as I am not on facebook all the time and so email is the best to contact me.
 Newsletter:  I have included in the Newsletter an old version of John Kohnke‟s publication “Talking Mini‟s”, which although it is not a recent one, still contains some useful information, as I know that Member‟s like to read information on Horse care etc and its always worth a refresher on some things
Don‟t  forget it‟s always nice to get Stud information from Members and I know that Members like reading about other Member‟s Ponies, so if you would like to submit a story about your Stud or your Pony or Ponies, please do so.   How about letting everyone know what Foals you have had born this year ?    As always, if you have any queries at all, at any time, please do not hesitate to contact me and the mobile is the best number to ring me on, but after 6pm during the week or anytime on the weekends, as I work during the day.   Mobile:  0418 821100    If you ring and  I am unable to answer, please leave a message and I will ring you back.    
Regards  Barb Voysey,   SA  State  Delegate

SA State Delegate Report  July, 2016:

Dear Members,   

The time goes so fast that you hardly wrap up one show season and plans are well under way for the next.   In fact nowadays, half the season ahead is in the planning stages before the current season ends, so it feels like a continuing merry go-round  !!!

Our show season ended with a very successful Foal / Young-Stock / Mature-Stock Show, which was held in conjunction with the Adelaide Animal Expo.   

Animal Expo:  We also had an absolutely fantastic promotional event at the Adelaide Animal Expo, thanks to some dedicated Members who stayed on site for 4 days to promote our Miniature Ponies and show to the general public how versatile they are. We had a large promotional site, with pens for the Ponies, in one of the exhibition halls and rotated the Ponies during the day so that visitors to the Expo could see different Ponies.  

We also did some demonstrations of Jumping, Trail and Long-Reining throughout the days on a grassed area outside and as the weather was lovely and sunny, we had a constant crowd of several hundred watching the demonstrations, which was fantastic. Dr Harry, who was giving talks throughout the Expo, requested to have two of the Ponies to be part of his presentation on the valuable work the Horses did during the war and how important they were to the Soldiers.  

Foal / Young-Stock / Mature-Stock Shows:  On the Sunday we held our Foal / Young-Stock / Mature-Stock Shows and although we only had 17 Ponies entered we made the most of the fantastic opportunity to showcase our beautiful Miniature Ponies.    Our Show-ring was on a beautiful grassed area, shaded by large trees, adjacent to the entrance to the Expo and so every visitor to the Expo had to walk past our Show-ring to gain entry to the Expo, consequently we had quite a crowd watching the Shows.   

We normally only have a Foal and Young-Stock Show but included Mature-Stock this year to take advantage of the opportunity to have Miniature Ponies of all ages being shown.    Therefore we had a Supreme Foal, Supreme Young-Stock, Supreme Mature-Stock and then had a Supreme of Show, making the Show something really special. 

Michelle Francis made for each Supreme, a beautiful Sash decorated with beads etc; so they were “one of a kind, very special” and they looked fantastic;  THANKYOU to Michelle for making them. 

CONGRATULATIONS and well done to all Competitors who turned their Ponies out beautifully for the Show.

With special CONGRATULATIONS to our Supreme winners:-





Also taking the opportunity to show the versatility of Miniature Ponies, we included at the end of the Show Long-Reining, including obstacle Long-Reining and Trail Classes;  which of course were popular with the crowds watching the Shows.   

As part of the Show we had a Versatility Pony of Show Award, as well as a Runner-Up Versatility Pony of Show Award; so by entering the Halter Class, Classic Trott and either Long-Reining and  Trail, Members were automatically eligible for these awards.  So that we could include more Ponies, we had a Junior Pony Trail Class and a Senior Pony Trail Class.     

These Versatility Awards are always popular additions to the Shows and also encourages Members to enter more Classes.  

All in all, we had an awesome weekend and the promotional opportunity that we had was just amazing, especially when we did not have to pay anything at all for the promotional site in the Hall, the Show-Ring or the use of all the Stables for the weekend, made it all the more beneficial.  

Then, to top it off, all the Members were given a Free entry ticket to the Expo, which enabled them to go into the Animal Expo, The Home Show and the Craft Show   …  ...   what a weekend !!!! 

The success of the Promotional Event and the Show was due to the magnificent effort and support of the following Members, Gillian  & Malcolm Arthur, Michelle Francis, Doug Lind, Andreana (Andy) Reithoven, Stacey Murphy-Reithoven, Mara Reithoven, Jess Lind, who were assisting all throughout the Show from sun-up to sun-down !   SO A HUGE THANKYOU TO YOU ALL !!!    Also, THANKS to Ty Little for set-up and pack-up duties and being on call where needed (as usual !)   THANKS also to Helen Wegner for Stewarding on the Sunday and to everyone else who assisted and supported the Show. 

Also included in this Newsletter are the Foal / Young-Stock / Mature-Stock Show Results, which also lists the full placings at the Show.    As well as some lovely photos; THANKS to Andreana (Andy) Reithoven for taking them for us.   

High Point & Special Awards Presentation Night:  As you are all aware we also recently held our High Point and Special Awards Presentation Night and include in this report a list of the winners.     CONGRATULATIONS to not only those who were successful in winning awards, but to everyone who exhibited their Ponies this year  …. well done to you all !!

In addition to our High Point awards, we also have some Special Awards which are kindly sponsored by our very generous Members and a list of these awards is also included in the Newsletter.

As good sportsmanship is  very important, we also have a few awards for this and also some encouragement awards, which are designed to give new Members a reward for their efforts, particularly when just starting out showing, it is nice to give them a boost to their confidence.  

Our High Point and Special Awards Presentation night was well attended and it was great as not only those receiving awards came, but also other Members came along to join in the celebrations and also congratulate the winners.  

A big THANKYOU to CHERYL GRANT for collecting our Trophies (not only for the High Point Dinner but for other Shows as well) and to MARA REITHOVEN for collecting our Sashes  (also not only High Point but many other times collecting Sashes and Trophies).    THANKYOU Ladies, your assistance in this regard is very much appreciated. 

Calendar of Shows & Promotional Events:    This is in the Newsletter for Members to see what Shows and promotional events are planned for the season and is as up to date as it can be at the present time.   Some of the dates and venues are not able to be confirmed yet, but as soon as they are, I will put a notice on facebook and also make sure the website is up to date.   All Shows that are High Point are noted.   

Promotional Events:    You will notice that we have a few promotional events planned  and hopefully we will have some Members who will be able to bring Ponies along to show the general public how versatile our Miniature Ponies are.    Most popular of course are the Performance Ponies demonstrating their love of jumping  through the Hunter Course, or going through their paces in the Trail Course, over the bridge, through the gate and over a couple of different jumps.      These promotions are always very worthwhile, as well as being enjoyable, they provide a great opportunity to show the general public how versatile and loveable our Miniature Ponies are.   If you would like to be involved or attend any of the promotional events please contact me to discuss; if you are unable to bring Ponies but would like to come along, we are always in need of extra helpers.  The same goes for Shows, you don’t have to be showing a Pony to come to a Show ! 

Appendix Classes at Shows:   Appendix Classes will be included in the Classes at Shows and if we have more Appendix Ponies coming out to Show, we will include Champion Classes.  Reminder that to enter Appendix Classes Ponies MUST be registered Appendix.   Also as a reminder Miniature Ponies CANNOT show in the same Classes as Appendix Ponies.  

2016 / 2017 High Point:   As you are all aware, our High Point in SA is free to enter and every Member who shows is automatically entered for High Point; which has worked very well, especially for new Members who do not understand the High Point awards and are often half or three quarter way through the season before they realize that they could / should have entered High Point.   So, by entering them automatically takes away a lot of stress or embarrassment by them being automatically entered they are in it It has been quite interesting actually as several new Members have won major High Point awards in their first or second season showing, much to their delight.   As long as we can continue to get sponsors we can continue to have free entry. 

In this Newsletter is a copy of the 2016/2017 High Point Conditions, which set out clearly the Rules and if anyone has any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.  

Sponsorship:  We will be looking for sponsors again this season, so that we can put on Shows for Members and anyone who is able to sponsor in any way please contact me.   Also if you know of any business or anyone else who may wish to sponsor and you need me to contact them, please let me know.  We can provide tax invoices for the person and they will be acknowledged in our Newsletter and Show Programmes and they can also advertise on our website and we can also give them acknowledgement on our facebook page.   Sponsorship of any kind is appreciated and if you would like to contact me to discuss how you can sponsor our Promotional Group, please do so. We are also appreciative of the sponsorship of any preloved sashes and trophies, as we can recycle these as even place ribbons are getting expensive these days.   If any Member has any suggestions with regards to fund raising please let me know. 

Insurance at Shows:   As always Insurance is a “hot” topic, one that many do not understand, so, to keep Members informed and updated I reported the situation with regards to Insurance in the last Newsletter.  At the time of going to print, I had only completed  discussions with one group, SABA, so mentioned that Group.  To my absolute surprise that was misconstrued that I was attempting to discredit  SABA Committee … this was the exact opposite !   I was merely pointing out that I was discussing the situation with SABA Committee and that they were assisting and willing to listen to the facts, so they could make an informed decision. There was definitely no malice intended, as I understand that ALL Committees of ALL Groups must ensure they are following their respective Groups, Rules & Regulations and of course Insurance requirements and respect their need to do so.   

I am very happy to advise that we have now received confirmation from the SABA that, provided that the procedure is kept the same as we have in the past, i.e. we check entries to make sure that ONLY AMPS® Members are entered in the Classes and enter the ring, then we will be covered under AMPS® Insurance at the Northern Hack & Halter Show.  Of course we must provide to them a copy of our Insurance Certificate of Currency for their Insurer to check; if these procedures are complied with, that will mean that AMPS® Members do not have to pay for any day Membership at the Northern Hack & Halter Show, to cover Insurance.   However, Members MUST BE AWARE THAT THIS ONLY APPLIES TO THE AMPS® RING and if you are also entered in any other ring at the Show, then you need to check the situation with regards to that ring and Insurance.  

I have also confirmed that at the Show on 2 October, 2016 at Mt. Pleasant, being run by the SA Pinto Group, where we have AMPS® Classes, Members will also be covered by the AMPS® Insurance.    

I am waiting on confirmation from the Dilutes, as to the situation with their Shows we have Classes at in October, November and December and will update Members in the October 2016 Newsletter.   

If anyone has any queries with regards to Insurance, please do not hesitate to contact me.   

Annual Member Meeting:   We will be having an Annual Member Meeting on Sunday 7 August, 2016 at the Globe Derby Equestrian Centre, in the RDA Rooms.    Morning tea will be available from 10.30am, with the Meeting to commence at 11am, followed by a light lunch, which will be provided.    This will be an informal get-together and it is hoped Members can attend, to not only socialize with other Members, which is very difficult at Shows, but will also be an opportunity for Members to have input and discuss not only the show season ahead, but also the Society in general.   Also if anyone is interested, I may be able to have some presentations available to view, covering some veterinary issues.  If anyone would like any specific topics discussed, please let me know.    To assist with catering, an rsvp would be appreciated; so if you are planning on attending, please let Barb know by Thursday 4th August, 2016.

Voting:  You should have all received your  AMPS® Membership Renewals and Voting paperwork by now; however if you have not, please contact me asap so that I can follow it up.    

Please read the Resolutions that have been put up carefully and if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me; I cannot tell you how to vote, but I can explain things to you, if you need more clarification.   The Resolutions that the National

Committee have put up for Members to vote on, are all necessary to bring the various procedures into line with Constitutional or

Insurance requirements and Members are urged to vote for them.   These Resolutions can also be discussed at our Member Meeting. It is very important for Members to exercise their rights and vote, as by not voting at all, sometimes you can actually be voting for something you don’t want.  SO PLEASE VOTE ! 

2016 / 2017 State Delegate Position:    As you will have also seen by your AMPS® Renewal and Voting paperwork, I am the only person who was nominated for the position this year and I would like to take this opportunity of thanking the two Members who had confidence in me to nominate me for the coming season.   The role of State Delegate must be voted on each year, with a nomination being made and a seconder for the nomination; so just because you are already State Delegate it does not automatically mean you will remain State Delegate.   As in previous years, I will do my best for the Members and without fear or favour, will, at all times, ensure that the Rules of AMPS® are followed by all.  

Mail Delays:   Members are reminded of the lengthy delays in the Australia Post service these days, with mail that used to take 2 days for delivery, now taking up to 10 days.  I personally had an experience recently, where I posted a letter from a suburb just outside Adelaide CBD, with the letter going to the Adelaide Hills and it is 5 weeks and it still has NOT arrived;  I think even I could have walked there in that time !   So if you are posting any paperwork to the Office, I recommend you use Express Post, it is a little more expensive but at least you can track the letter, as also going into to NSW is a nightmare.   If money for Show Entries is deposited in the AMPS® Bank put the bank receipt number on the Entry Form and I will accept these via email.  If you have any queries in this regard, please don’t  hesitate to contact me.  

THANKYOU to Louise Sanders for her Newsletter articles, which I know Members will enjoy reading and I take the opportunity of reminding Members that they are welcome to send any Stud News, Foal Brag or anything they would like to include in the Newsletter at any time, so get a start on it NOW, so you don’t forget and stop saying … oh yes I must do that !!!

As in previous seasons, I will attend as many Shows as I can and thank those Members who have volunteered to take results at Shows when I am unable to attend.   I look forward to catching up with Members at Shows and as always if you have any queries about anything, please do not hesitate to contact me.       

Regards Barb Voysey   SA State Delegate 

It’s Newsletter time again; is it just me getting old and slow, or is the time just wizzing by
this year  ???   I cant believe that Christmas things are in all the shops already … where has the year gone ???  

Show Season:   Thanks to everyone for their feedback about the coming Show Season, which is great to hear that Members are happy with the Shows the way they are being run this year.   I always believe that feedback, be it good or bad, is so beneficial and really helps in planning Shows etc.   So as we are trying some new formats, please let me know what you think of them.  

Double Show:   This will be a Double Show with a difference !   We won’t have the usual two Judges in the same ring at the same time, this time we will run one Show with the same Classes that we have at Breed and Ag Shows and then change Judges and run another Show exactly the same.   A full explanation of how the Shows will run is in the Newsletter;  please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any further clarification.  

Championship Show:   Plans are well underway for our Championship Show.   We are looking for sponsors for this Show, so if you would like to be involved and sponsor the Show in some way, please let me know.  I have tried to keep the entry prices down, but as we have Trophies and special Sashes at this Show, we do have to cover expenses.    Due to the popularity of the inclusion of the High Point  Pony of Show Award and the Versatility Pony Award we had last year, these will also be included again this year.  So make sure you read what Classes you need to enter to be eligible for these awards; this is detailed on the last page of the Championship Show Schedule of Classes.   There is NO EXTRA COST for these awards, so if you enter the relevant Classes, you will automatically be eligible for the awards.   I have made the closing date for the Championship Show Sunday 22 November, 2015, which will be the day of Northern Hack & Halter Show, so that if they wish, Members can give me their Entries and payments at that Show.    
Paperwork with Show entries:   You only need to send a copy of your Pony’s Registration Certificate for the first Show of the season, unless the Pony has been upgraded,  had a measurement recorded, or changed status of Registration; then you need to send a copy of the upgraded or amended Registration Certificate.  

   Remember to get your upgrades sent in to the Office in plenty of time and if you have sent paperwork to the Office for upgrade, please advise me.  That way I can track the paperwork and if it’s in the Office and being processed,  you can Show.  Upgrades can be done up to 30 days before due;  but remember that your Measurement Certificate is only valid for 90 days.   However, if you are showing, upgrades MUST be done, otherwise you cannot Show.  
Measuring:   Don’t forget when you get your Pony measured for it’s 4 year height, or if application for its 6 year height,  that you must send your Registration Certificate into the Office to have it stamped.
If you have any queries in regard to any of the above reminders,
don’t hesitate to contact me. 

Royal Show Display:   
I would like to THANK all the Members who assisted with the display and from what I have heard we were as usual one of the most popular displays in the Pet Centre.   Unfortunately due to illness, I was unable to attend this year, but want to take this opportunity to say THANKYOU to Michelle Francis, Cheryl Neville, Shirley & Daryl Smith for setting up and packing up the display and for being there over several days. THANKYOU also to Mara Reithoven, Malcolm Arthur, Helen Satterley, Julia Weyland, Gillian Emmerson, Jenny & Erin Cooke and Helen Klingberg (hope I didn’t miss anyone !)  for their assistance over the 10 days of the Show. This is a great promotional event and takes a lot of effort and commitment and a special THANKYOU must go to Michelle Francis for all the extra time & effort put into the event; including embroidering fantastic tops for everyone to wear            THANKYOU TO EVERYONE INVOLVED IN THE EVENT !! 

Newsletter:  Don’t forget to send me any pictures or stud news for the Newsletter, Members always like to read other Members news.  Also don’t forget we love to have Foal pictures for the Newsletter too.  Why not write an article about your Stud, how you got started, how you came up with your Stud Prefix, what you enjoy doing the most etc, etc.     
As always I will try to get to as many Shows as I can and look forward to catching up with Members then.  In the meantime, if you have any queries about anything, don’t hesitate to contact me.  Evenings are best, but if you ring, please leave a message and I will ring you back as soon as I can.    
Wishing all who are breeding, a successful and safe Foaling season.   
Kind regards, Barb Voysey,  SA State Delegate

Dear Members,   2015 Foal & Young-Stock Show:   Our Foal & Young-Stock Show held in May, was well attended, with 4 Foals and 7  Young-Stock entered.   Congratulations to everyone who competed at the Show, with our major winners being,     
Supreme Miniature Pony Foal:  “Almost A Legend”   owned by Michelle Francis & Doug Lind    
Supreme Young-Stock Exhibit:  “Camberley Park Jack Of Hearts”  owned by Louise Sanders 
Results of all the Classes are in the Newsletter.  Welcome back to the show ring Joan & Les Hansford: it was nice to see them competing at the Foal Show and by the smile on their faces at the end of the day, I am sure they had an enjoyable day and great results with their little Filly “Goldburn Sweetheart” at her very first Show.  THANKYOU to Karen Bail for Stewarding and keeping the Show running smoothly and Helen Wegener for assisting at the Show in so many ways and to Ty Little for making sure everyone was fed.  Also a very big thankyou, to everyone who helped clean up after the Show, which was very much appreciated.   Also thanks to our photographer, Janice De Gennaro, Shadows Farm Photography for taking photos on the day; some of which are in the Newsletter.     2016 Foal & Young-Stock Show:    Some very exciting news is that we will be holding our Foal & Young-Stock Show at the Adelaide Animal Expo in April, 2016 and this will be held at the Adelaide Royal Showgrounds.   The Animal Expo is held over 3 days of the Anzac long weekend and our Foal Show will be held on the Sunday and we will also be having a promotional stand and Miniature Ponies on display over the 3 days, as well as giving demonstrations with our Miniature Performance Ponies, who will be doing jumping and trail classes every day.  So this is shaping up to be a great promotional event and as an added bonus we will be able to hold our Foal & Young-Stock Show, without having the cost of a venue.   If anyone would like to be part of this Promotional Event, please let me know.   
2014 / 2015 High Point:   CONGRATULATIONS  to everyone who took part in the 2014 / 2015 High Point. The full listing of High Point and Special Awards winners is in the Newsletter.   THANKS to LeeAnne Hall for her work preparing the High Points and to Michelle Francis for double checking the points; this is not an easy task and we appreciate the time put in by these Members calculating, checking and double checking.     We had a great night for our High Point & Special Award Presentations Dinner, with about 60 Members, Family and friends in  attendance and it was a fun filled and enjoyable night.  We shared the event with the SA Promotional Group of MHAA® and Rosemary & John Bailey (MHAA® Members) kindly made and donated a lovely wooden toilet paper/paper towel holder, shaped as a Horse, which we raffled off and shared the proceeds of the raffle.  THANKYOU Rosemary and John for your generous donation, which was appreciated by Members.   We also had some money cards which we sold and so as well as having a fun night, we also raised some extra funds to put towards next year’s High Point awards.    Members were given a ticket on arrival and we had several lucky Member draws, which consisted of some gift packs  from Supa-licious Equine Treats, Vouchers from Tuff Horse Rugs and some gifts which were donated.   Thankyou  to Judith Watkins, for generously donating a selection of gifts, some which we gave out on the night, the remainder have been kept for during the show season.     
2015 / 2016 High Point:  The conditions for the High Points for the coming season are contained in the Newsletter. Due to Member feedback, we will again have the High Points calculated on the number of Ponies in the Class and also ONLY your BEST nine (9) scored Shows will count for High Point.  Please read the conditions in the Newsletter and if you need clarification, don’t hesitate to contact me.   
2015 Animal Expo:  We had a fantastic promotional display over the three days of the Expo, thanks to Gillian and Malcolm Arhur, Julia Weyland and Herbie, who represented us and had Ponies on display all weekend.  See pictures and more info on the Expo in the Newsletter.     
Promotional Events:  We are still receiving requests to attend Agricultural Shows and other events with our Miniature Performance Ponies and to have Ponies on display. Our next one being over the two days of the Gawler Agricultural Show and then in October at the Meadows Country Fair and Field Day.  All Members are invited to take part in these promotional events, with or without their Ponies.  So, if anyone would like to be part of these, or in fact any promotional display we are invited to, please let me know.  
Show Season 2015 / 2016:   It seems like the Show season has just finished and it’s time to begin another one !  For the past six months we have had the Show and Breed Societies contacting us to find out about Classes at Shows for the coming 2015 / 2016 season, so Shows for the season are all arranged, with only a couple of Shows or venues yet to confirmed.   You will see the calendar of events in the Newsletter, which is now set and due to Member feedback, unless something dramatic happens, we will not add any Shows to this calendar.   This way Members are able to look at the Calendar at the beginning of the season and work out which Shows they want to attend and/or which ones they do not or are unable to attend.  We are doing a few more of our own Shows this year, as some of the Breed Shows have got quite expensive to have Classes at.  Just so that Members understand, when we have Classes at Breed and Ag Shows, we have to sponsor the Classes in some way, i.e. either by cash payment (sometimes $100.00) or by supplying the Champions, Reserve Champions and Supreme Sashes and sometimes in addition to that, also pay for, or towards the Judge fee, so it can add up quite a bit and we receive no income from the Classes at all.  Also some of the fees that are being charged to Members for Classes have become quite expensive and then on top of that, some of the Shows charge our Members for day Membership to cover insurance.  Therefore for some of the Shows our Members are having to pay quite a hefty sum.  However the thing that some Members like about them is that they can compete in other rings at the Shows; so for that reason we will have some Classes at some Breed and Ag Shows.    We can see how this season works out and will take Member feedback on board when planning next season.    I have also heard that some northern Members are quite annoyed there is a Show at Victor Harbour and saying they will not attend !  Well the reason we took advantage of having AMPS® Classes at the SABA Show at Victor Harbour, is that we rarely get a chance to have Classes at a Show down south and we have several Members down south who travel north for a lot of the Shows and never ever complain; therefore it is only fair that they should have a Show down in their neck of the woods.  From the feedback I have had from the Members who live south, they are very happy to at last have a Show in their area !!! At all times when planning the Shows we have to try to be fair to all Members and try to have some Shows north and south and central, as much as we possibly can.      It never ceases to amaze me how stories get around and get changed and so if you have any queries about Shows or Classes at Shows, contact me, please do not just listen to gossip and decide to run with it.  People always seem to think they know everything, when quite often they do not even know half of the truth, so it’s really sensible to not take notice of anything anyone tells you, just contact me for the truth !!!  
Championship Show:    Due to the problems we have had over the last couple of years, when our Championship Show has been scheduled for February and then had to be postponed due to the heat and then all the hassles trying to find another venue and fit it into the Show schedule.  This season we have set the date for our Championship Show to be held on 6 December, 2015 to be held at the Oakbank School, on the front oval.  I am sure Members will be happy with this date and it should work much better, as the Pony’s coats are much better at that time.  Hopefully it’s also not going to be so hot.  
Education Day – Getting Back To Basics:  This will be held on Sunday 1 November, 2015 at the RDA Globe Derby Club Rooms, at the Globe Derby Equestrian Centre.  Kim Cooper, the Horse Dentist, will give a presentation and will be available to do Ponies teeth, if Member’s wish to bring their Ponies along.  Payment for the teeth treatment will be between the Dentist and the Member.   We will also go through the procedure for Measuring Ponies; as some Members are unsure of how to stand their Ponies correctly etc and what they need to do before getting their Pony measured.  We will also discuss basic show etiquette and the do’s and don’ts of the show ring.  This will be a particularly valuable discussion for new Members, although we can all get some value as a refresher and reminder regarding show ring manners. We are also arranging for a Vet to come and give a presentation on basic Horse heath and first aid; something we all need know. This will be a day full of information and at the same time, a good opportunity to socialize with Members.     Further details will be in the October Newsletter.   
As always, if anyone has any queries about anything, please do not hesitate to contact me.  
Kind regards,  Barb Voysey  SA State Delegate       
Just prior to the Newsletter being sent to the Printers, we were advised that the Riding Pony Show which we were having Classes at on 25 October,15 had to change the date to 1 November,15, but as we had already made all arrangements for our Education Day on that date, it was felt that it would be more beneficial to Members to have our own Show on Sunday 25 October, 15 and will confirm the venue as soon as we are in a position to do so.

SA State Delegate Report: - October, 2014


Dear Members,

It’s Newsletter time again …. I really can’t believe how quick the time flies; I feel I am doing a Newsletter every 3 weeks, not every 3 months !


Showing Season: As you are all aware, we have just started our Showing Season in SA, with the first Show being the Gawler Agricultural Show; this is always held on the last Friday in August and usually has a great turnout of Members; with this year being no exception. You will see by the photos in the current edition of Small Talk that the Ponies and their Handlers were beautifully turned-out; something that is always commented on by the Judges. We don’t usually have Garlands or awards for our Classes at Agricultural or Breed Shows, but this being our first Show of the Season as an encouragement to Members, we had a Garland made and donated by LeeAnne Hall, Show Garlands and also an Exhibitor Encouragement Award, donated by Karen Bail (thankyou Ladies). Results of the Show are also included in this edition of the Newsletter. This first Show of the season was also the first Show for several new showing Members and we welcome to the SA Show ring, the following new Showing Members, Bailey Gejas, Annika Heath, Chris Pengilly. You will also see in the pictures we have three Junior Showing Members, Bailey Gejas, Georgia Renton and Rhonie Bowden who were all immaculately dressed and handled their Ponies like true professionals. These Junior Members will be showcased in a future Newsletters. Which reminds me, if anyone wants any Foal brag news or articles or Stud News put in the Newsletter, pleeeeese send it to me. Members love reading what other Pony owners are up to.


Promotional Events – Royal Adelaide Show:

We have been in constant demand by Agricultural Shows to attend with our Miniature Performance Ponies, to show the general public how versatile the Miniature Pony is, exhibiting their skill jumping, long reigning and going through the Trail Course, as well as Harness. We have several promotional events planned this season and have also just completed a 10 day stint in the Pet Centre at the Royal Adelaide Show, where we had Miniature Ponies on display, with thousands of people visiting us and asking questions about the Ponies during the course of the Show. You will also see some pictures in this edition of Small Talk of our Display at the Show. Many thanks to all the Members who attended and assisted on the Stand, with or without their Ponies. With a special thanks to Michelle Francis for co-ordinating the event, setting up the site with Cheryl Neville and bringing Ponies for 5 of the 10 days. To Doug Lind, Cheryl & Aleesha Neville, Jenny Cook, Gillian Emmerson, Lesley and Tam Bakker for bringing Ponies on the other days and to Amanda & Erin Cooke, Gillian & Malcolm Arthur, Rebecca & Darren Johnston, Candice Pridham, Emily (Exchange Student from Germany) and Liz Lind for their assistance over the Show and Cheryl & Liz for clean-up duty. Thankyou to everyone who contributed, it was a great promotional event which would not have been possible without the assistance of the Members above (apologies if I missed anyone!). I have included some photos in the Newsletter of our stand at the Royal Show and also there were some sent to Small Talk.


Promotional Events:

If anyone would like to join us at the Promotional Events, please let me know. Everyone is welcome to attend, along with or without their Ponies. These are great events and also gives Members a chance to get to chat and get to know each other better as there is never enough time at a Show to socialize and most people (although they won’t admit it) are nervous and not themselves and often give the impression that they don’t want to talk to other Members; but it’s just that showing is on their mind, not socializing !!!

40th Anniversary Specialty Show:

Our Specialty Show will be held in November, 2014 and we will use that Show to celebrate the 40
th Anniversary of AMPS®, which is indeed a milestone of longevity to be acknowledged and proud of, as AMPS® was the first and is the only exclusively Miniature Pony Registry in Australia. The Show Schedule of Classes is in the Newsletter, along with the relevant forms. You will notice some different Classes and hope you will support them. One of the additions is ‘Grand Sire’ and this Class has been added as I have noticed that quite a few Ponies in our showring, have the same Grand Sire and thought that would be an interesting Class to add. So check out your Pony’s Registration Certificate and you might find to your surprise, that there are a few other relatives of your Pony who could join you in that Class.

I have also added a Class ‘Breeder’s Pair’, as there are also quite a few Ponies with the same Prefix, but not necessarily owned by the same Member and thought this would also be a good Class to add.

Following on the success of the SA Bred Classes from last season, these have also been included in the Show Schedule. If you have any queries with regards any of the Classes at the Show, of if you think of any other Classes you would like to suggest, please do not hesitate to contact me.

AGM – Results of Voting: These were announced at our AGM, which I attended recently and to explain how this works. All the votes that are received are counted and in the case of this year, 245 Votes were received and so for a Resolution to pass, 75% of the Votes received must be FOR a Resolution, therefore this year 184 votes FOR a Resolution would have been needed to pass.

Results were:-

Microchipping … votes FOR 177: votes AGAINST 68: which gives a result 72% and a FAIL.

Clipping Foals … votes FOR 87: votes AGAINST 158: which gives a result of 36% and a FAIL.


Membership Renewals: Members are reminded that all Memberships were due and payable by 31 July and that if you have not yet renewed you are not eligible to do any registry work, upgrades, registrations etc, or show, until your Membership is renewed. You now also have to pay a late fee and if you have not renewed by

31 October, 2014, you are deemed un-financial and as well as a late fee you will have to pay a re-joining fee.


Reminder re Upgrades and Measuring of Ponies at 2yr, 4yr or 6yr (6 yr measurement only necessary if pony measured 85.5cm or over, at the 4yr height measurement):

Members are also reminded about upgrades for their Ponies. All Ponies must have their Adult Registration upgraded at 2 years old if they are being bred with or shown. This applies to ALL Ponies. If your Pony is 2 years old and not upgraded you are not able to show; so now is the time to check all your Registrations and make sure they have been upgraded. Also check your Registration Papers and make sure that you have had your Ponies measured for their 4 year measurement and if applicable for their 6 year measurement (this only applies to Ponies who measured 85.5cm or over at 4 years). A list of current measurers is in the front inside cover of the Newsletter.

While we are discussing Measuring, it is probably timely to remind Members of the following:-

That although some have had their ponies measured at the required ages, they have not forwarded their certificates to the Society for endorsing that the measurement has been done. This must be done within 90 days of the measurer having done so. So, even if you have had your height measurements done, but not forwarded your certificates for endorsing, if the measuring was done over 90 days ago, THEY WILL HAVE TO BE RE-MEASURED. So, I ask that you all check your Certificates and make sure that you have height measurements endorsed by the Society on them. Measurers should remind you of this when they do the upgrade measurement, but sometimes the old saying "You heard what I said, but did you understand what I meant ?" comes into play !

Also just a reminder, when arranging for a Measurer to come, a few things you should make sure you do: -

** Firstly: please remember that Measurers give their time to assist Members and you should work in with them, as to when they can come and measure, it is extremely unreasonable to expect Measurers to come when it suits you.

 ** Make sure the Pony is branded - also make sure that you can read the brand (we have had several instances lately where Measurers have been unable to measure as the pony has either not been branded or the brand could not be recognized).

** Please ensure that you have your ponies ready for the Measurer.

** Also, so that the most accurate measurement can be done, have your ponies hooves trimmed as near as possible to the measuring day.

** Please have the Pony’s Registration Papers ready for the Measurer to check, as without Registration Papers, the Measurer has nothing to check regarding brands, DOB etc.

** Finally remember to negotiate with your Measurer with regards reimbursing them for their petrol. Measurers are volunteers and these days with petrol costs as they are, no one should be expected to travel and not be reimbursed; would you ? However, on the other hand if you take your Pony to the Measurer’s place to be measured, no payment is required, nor should be asked for.

Also make sure that when you get your paperwork back from the Office, to check it over and make sure it is all correct. Also keep a copy of what you send to the office.

Return of Paperwork:

Just a reminder to Members, that in the event of a pony’s death, or if when measured has gone over-height, or been de-registered for any reason, that Registration Papers should be returned to the Registry Office. Please see the back of your Registration Certificate for full explanation. Catering ~ November Show Members are advised that we will have catering at our November Show at Oakbank. Catering will be provided by "HOT STUFF", who specialize in Baked Potatoes, Hot Dogs, Nachos, Marinated Lamb and Chicken Rolls. They will also be making Bacon & Egg Sandwiches, which will be available from 7.30am for breakfast. "Hot Stuff" Caterer … Lee Ravlich Mobile: 0418 807 344

Property Identification Code: (PIC) Members are reminded it is now a legal requirement in SA to register your property, if you keep equines on your property, even if it’s one Miniature Pony, you MUST apply for a PIC number.

If you have any queries, check the Primary Industries website, or HorseSA website for links. It is also compulsory for your PIC number to be included on Entry Forms to Shows. It is the responsibility of each and every Member to check into this and make sure they comply with legal requirements in the State.


A list of sponsors appears in the Newsletter, if you haven’t already; please consider becoming a Sponsor for our group as we need YOU as a Sponsor.

If you see a Sponsor who is a business please support them, as they have assisted us by sponsoring. THANKYOU to the Members who have been sending thankyou cards or notes to Sponsors, a couple of these sponsors have contacted me to let you know that it is very much appreciated.

Please consider sponsoring our Group …
THANKYOU to those who have already sponsored.


New Members:

Welcome to the following new or re-joining Members: we hope you enjoy your association with our SA Members. If you have any queries, or wish to find out any information about Shows or promotional events, please do not hesitate to contact me. My contact details are in the front of the Newsletter and if you do attend one of the Shows or events, please come over and say hello and I can introduce you to some of the Members.

As mentioned earlier in my report, please don’t be offended if at a Show some Members may seem a little off-handed; some Members get very nervous at Shows and appear to be rude or not interested, but it’s because they are becoming nervous about going in the ring, or their Pony maybe playing up or unsettled, so please understand it’s not you, it just nerves unsettling the Members.

Welcome to the following new Members:
Bailey Gejas

Annika Heath

Julia Weyland

Chris Pengilly

Chris Williams


THANKYOU to the Members who have also been assisting new Members, which is very much appreciated, as is the assistance and offers of help that Members have given me.

Hope everyone has a satisfying Foal season with easy births and healthy Foals – what more could anyone ask for ?

Kind regards,

Barb Voysey

SA Delegate

Catering ~ November Show Members are advised that we will have catering at our November Show at Oakbank. Catering will be provided by "HOT STUFF", who specialize in Baked Potatoes, Hot Dogs, Nachos, Marinated Lamb and Chicken Rolls. They will also be making Bacon & Egg Sandwiches, which will be available from 7.30am for breakfast. "Hot Stuff" Caterer … Lee Ravlich Mobile: 0418 807 344

SA State Delegate Report – January, 2014

We have had quite a busy show season so far in SA with Classes at Breed or Ag Shows almost every weekend, with some weekends two Shows.   We have a quiet January with only one Breed Show, but February is going to be full on with Shows just about every weekend and of course the Championship Show, which Members are looking forward to.  Just to make things interesting, we will  be adding a new section of  Classes, namely,  SA Bred and owned Ponies; so that will be an interesting addition.  Then we have our Adelaide Royal Autumn Breed Show and things start to quieten down then.    But in the meantime, some information on the Shows yet to come, or that have been held. 


Championship show:  As Members are aware we had to postpone our Championship Show and this is now being held on Sunday 23 March, 2014 and due to the fact that the Oakbank School Oval was booked,  we will be having the Show at the Lobethal Polo Club Oval.  This in adjacent to the Lobethal Oval and is signposted in the town.    That is always one of the problems when Shows are postponed is to be able to secure the same venue.

The Show Schedule,  Conditions of Entry and Entry From for  the Championship Show are in this Newsletter and the closing date for the Championship Show will be  Sunday 16 March, 2014, so that anyone who wishes to hand their entries to me at the No Bells & Whistles Show can do so. 

No Bells & Whistles  Show:  This Show also had to be postponed and will now be held on Sunday 16 March, 2014 and we were lucky that the Oakbank School Oval was available and we will hold the Show on the Soccer Oval; sharing the grounds with the SA Promotional Group of MHAA®, which is a cost savings to us.

Everyone who had entered the Show and sent in their Entries, have been held over and will already be entered in the Show.   For those who didn’t send their Entries in, as the Show had to be postponed early,  due to impending extreme heat conditions, can still enter the Show.   The Show Schedule, Conditions of Entry and Entry Form are in the Newsletter.   Entries for this Show will now close on  Friday  7 March, 2014.  

THANKYOU to the Members who have assisted at Shows taking results and/or Stewarding when I have been unable to attend; your assistance in this regard is very much appreciated.  Also a very BIG THANKYOU to Jenny Cooke for being our official Sash/Rosette collector, your assistance is very much appreciated and is also a significant saving to our Group.    

Christmas Specialty Show:   As Members are aware w held  this at a new venue this year and it was quite lucky that we had an alternative area to use, as due to the intense heat and the unsuitability of the outdoor area, we moved our Show inside, to the indoor arena.   As the theme of the Show was Christmas, all the sashes were in the traditional Christmas colours of red, green, silver and gold and looked great.   As our sash supplier has now added a great range of rosettes to her stock, we had rosettes for Grands and Supremes.   Rosettes are nice for a change and it seems silly to spend a lot of money on a fancy sash for Supreme and then cover it up with a garland – I can never understand the logic in that !   Following the traditional Christmas colours and theme, I made Christmas garlands for the Supreme’s which were quite special and something entirely different and as both the Supreme Pony and the Supreme Gelding were Black they looked quite stunning wearing their Christmas garland.  Congratulations to the Supreme Miniature Pony, ‘Spargo Creek Sheez All That’, owned by Karen Bail & Tamara Stewart and shown by Karen Bail and the Supreme Miniature Gelding,  ‘Poniewood  Limerick’, owned and shown by Jenny Cooke.  Both Ponies were  a credit to their owners and looked stunning and were worthy winners and we offer our CONGRATULATIONS to not only the winners but all the competitors.   

Being our Specialty Show, I had added a few different Classes, starting with our Classic Futurity Classes, which since being introduced a year or so ago, have been very popular with Members.  These Classes do not require

pre-nomination  and have proved much more attractive to Members as they can just enter and don’t have to have nominated the mating some 3 years before showing the Pony.  This always seemed pointless to not only me, but other Members as well, but as we had always had the Foal Futurity Classes,  it was kept going until at our General Meeting Members raised the issue and suggested we hold Classic Futurity Classes, which we now have.


The Classes are mixed sex Classes, i.e.,  Filly, Colt, Gelding and the age groups we had were, 1yr & under; 2yrs; 3yrs-4yrs; 5yrs-6yrs-7yrs; 8yrs & over.   The Entry Fee was $20-00 and all money goes back to the place getters;  with only the cost of the sashes or whatever awards you give being deducted, or a flat percentage to cover them.  The division of money is 1st 50%, 2nd 30%, 3rd 20% and of course the more Members you have in the Class the more money is divided between the 1st, 2nd and 3rd placegetter.   I had special Rosettes made for the placegetters and so that was the only deduction; although some groups deduct an extra % for the grounds and Judges etc.   Traditionally for the Futurities you have 3 Judges with a minimum of 2 but for the Classic Futurity Classes at this Show, we just had one Judge; but a different Judge to the one that Judged the rest of the Show, otherwise the Judge would have then seen all the Ponies who were entered in these Classic Classes before they were shown in the led Breed section of the Specialty Show that followed. 


Some other Classes added to the Show Schedule were, Classic Head (Junior and Senior) and  Classic Trot, which are always popular and also some agility Classes which the Members enjoy for a bit of fun.  This is basically running to time weaving through some cones and the fastest Pony and Handler to go through without faults in the best time, is the winner; this always has surprising results. 

We also had Junior and Senior Judging Classes, where the competitors are judged on how they judge the Pony.  We had 4 Ponies in the ring lined up with their Handlers and the people who are entered in this Class have a sheet of paper with some points to comment on about the Pony and how they score.  Each one individually asks the Handler to do a workout and they mark on their sheets some points they notice about the Pony,  i.e., conformation, movement, etc .  This was a popular new addition to the Classes and Members have asked for it to be included in future Shows.  To save time the Junior and Senior competitors do the Class together but are Judged in their own age group. 


After the Christmas Show we held a BBQ and Christmas gathering and the Members who stayed around to enjoy the festivities had some fun socializing and also taking part in “Kris Kringle”.


A very BIG THANKYOU to Doug Lind, Liz & Colin Lind and also Neil, who catered for us for the Show and the BBQ and helped in other areas too.  They did an awesome job throughout the Show,  and we could not have managed without them, so THANKS each and every one of you.   THANKYOU also to Michelle Francis, Cheryl and Aleesha Neville and Vicki Young for their help with the Show preparations and LeeAnne Hall and Vicki for taking photos. 


Following the success of our recent Performance Show, demonstration and promotional site at the Meadows Field Day we have been contacted by several other Country Shows who saw how popular the Miniatures were with their Performance Classes, Trail and Jumping and we have been invited to their Shows, so our AMPS SA Performance Ponies are in demand !!!   These promotional events are a fantastic opportunity to show the general public how versatile our Miniature Ponies are.   They are also another facet of Miniature Pony showing for our Members to become involved in.   One of our SA Members Malcolm Arthur, has recently trained his Pony ‘Toralea Kaptin Kontrol’ to do Jumping and the Trail Classes and he absolutely loves it and you can see by the photos in Small Talk how high he jumps.   It has really brought him out of himself so to speak, as since he has been doing Jumping, he is so confident now and when he is in the show ring he is alert and very showy, much more attentive and interested in being out and about.  It is amazing the transformation in this Pony’s attitude and his whole aura has changed since he has been doing the Performance Classes. 


Member behaviour at Shows:   There have been a few instances where Members have questioned Judges decisions and/or made adverse comments on the sidelines  about Judges  decisions and Members are reminded  that the Judge’s decision on the day, are just that the Judge’s decision and it is quite rude to question the Judge on this.    Quite different if you ask the Judge perhaps why were weren’t selected but to challenge a Judge on their decision is another thing.   Members are therefore requested to use their choice of words carefully when speaking to Judges, as Judges speak to other Judges  ! 

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome new Members, as we have had quite a few lately and we hope to see you  at our Shows or events.  If you do come to a Show to have a look, please make yourself known and if you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact me and I will do my best to assist you.

Just a reminder that our Foal Show is scheduled for  Sunday 25 May, 2014 and is being held as usual at the Northern Equestrian Centre, so we hope that Members are getting their Foals ready to Show at the Foal Show.   As usual this will be a Foal & Youngstock Show, which has been very successful in the past as this gives Members another section to enter but also means if they are bringing their Youngstock as well it gives a “friend” for the Foal to travel to the Show with; as many times this is the Foal’s first float trip.  

All equine owners were horrified when they heard the absolutely shocking news that six Miniature Horses had been savagely attacked and killed in their stables at a Horse Stud south of Adelaide.   This is one of the most heartless acts of cruelty that has ever been heard of and I would like to express on behalf of AMPS® Members offer our condolences to Julie & Mel Jackson, their Staff Terry Hocking and Stud Staff for their tragic loss.   We certainly hope that those responsible for this horrific crime can be brought to justice very soon but believe it will be  a very very long time before the owners of the Miniature Horses and their Staff, who tended them on a daily basis, will be over it, if at all.


In closing I apologise to Members for the lateness of the Newsletter, which has been held up due to a variety of reasons and wish Members all the best for the  New Year and hope you have had a successful and safe foaling season.


Kind regards,

Barb Voysey

SA State Delegate



Dear Members,

I cannot believe how fast the time is going these days, it seems one minute we are talking about our first Show coming up, then the next we are full on in to the show season with Christmas looming up !!


Show Season – Promotional Events:

Our Show season got off to a great start with our first Show being the Gawler Agricultural Show, which as you all know was held on the last Friday in August.   Being a Friday didn’t stop the Members from showing and we had 35 Ponies in the Miniature Pony ring, which was a great turnout.   Presentation of both Ponies and Members was very high and set a high standard for the Shows which followed.


We also had a promotional display on both days of the Gawler Show and our site in the Animal Learning Centre was a great hit with Members of the Public.  THANKYOU to those Members who helped at this display and who brought their Ponies for the display; Michelle Francis, Aleesha & Cheryl Neville and Gillian Emmerson and also to Rosemary & John Bailey for their help over the Show days. 


Royal Adelaide Show:

Our display at the Royal Adelaide Show in the Pet Centre this year, which was held over 9 days, was a great promotional event.  Twice daily we took to centre stage and gave a 15 minute talk on the Australian Miniature Pony,  its versatility etc and gave the visitors to the Show some background and history of Miniature Ponies.   We then had about 10 minutes for the children and adults to come and have pats and hugs and have their picture taken with the Ponies.  If we could have charged people for taking pictures, we would have made a fortune !!! 

We shared the site with the SA Promotional Group of MHAA® and had a Miniature Pony and a Miniature Horse on display so that we could explain the difference between a Miniature Pony and a Miniature Horse.

It was amazing the number of people who were meeting a Miniature equine for the first time … of course it was love at first sight !  Many thanks to everyone who helped make this event such a popular and successful one.  With a very BIG SPECIAL THANKYOU to Michelle Francis and Doug Lind for their support and assistance and all they did towards the promotional site, before, during and packup !.   Thankyou to those Members who brought their Ponies along and also those Members who helped by coming to the stand and spending time talking to the general public and asking their many questions.  
THANKYOU LeeAnne Hall, Jenny Cooke, Candice & Robyn Pridham, Gillian Emmerson, Tamara & Lesley Bakker,  Aleesha & Cheryl Neville,  Rebecca & Darren Johnston,
Vicki Young,   Mara & Dwayne Reithoven, all of whom spent time during the Show at the stand and of course not forgetting  Ty Little, whom as always is backup support team !

Also a VERY BIG THANKYOU to Lesley Bakker, who made and donated the fabulous banners we had on the stand. Lesley’s business is Office & Image at Willunga: please check out the flyer in the Newsletter package: there is a  great special at the moment A2 Canvas Print, which looks excellent;  we will have a sample of this at the Christmas Specialty Show.  THANKYOU also to Lesley for enlarging and laminating all the pictures we had on our Royal Show site, which really did make a great display.

Meadows Country Fair & Battunga Field Day:

We held another promotional event at the Meadows Country Farm Fair, which was a huge event and as well as having Miniature Ponies on display in display pens for patting and having their picture taken with, we had a Performance Show, so that we could show off to the public the versatility of Miniature Ponies and the fact that they can be trained to do many things and are a great all-round equine to own.  Unfortunately we didn’t have anyone enter the Harness events which was disappointing as people can’t believe, without seeing themselves, what great little harness Ponies miniatures are

CONGRATULATIONS MALCOLM ARTHUR & TORALEA KAPTIN KONTROL for winning Champion Performance Pony & Senior Handler  ... what a fantastic performance Malcolm, you and Kaptin blizted the Girls !  mmmm said you never done it before - pretty good first effort  ... I heard you and Kaptin have been practicing all week  !!!    I also heard Malcolm singing an old favorite "Queen" song  " We are the CHAMPIONS ... We are the CHAMPIONS ... as he drove out the gate after the show !!!!    Congratulations to all the other winners and place-getters .. well done everyone it was a fantastic Show, so many people watching all day it was great .... we were so popular we have already been booked to go back again next year !

CONGRATULATIONS also to CHERISH STEPHENS & QUALITY PARK CINNAMON,  for winning Champion Performance Pony & Junior Handler.

You will see the results in the Newsletter along with some great photos
(thanks to Vicki Young for taking them).

THANKYOU also to HAYLEY, SHARON & MARK LEWIS for bringing along Ponies for patting, which were also kept busy having their photo taken  with children and adults alike.  Hayley had set up a lovely display with her Trophies, Sashes and Garland that she had won during the year, which also looked great.    THANKYOU to everyone who helped on the day Michelle Francis and Doug Lind for running the Show and Cheryl Neville  for her assistance in many ways.

Education / Information  Day & Member Meeting:

This was held at Globe Derby in August and was a great day with about 20 Members attending  with Equine Dentist, Kym Cooper in attendance, who gave a talk on Horse dentistry and the importance of having your Ponies teeth checked regularly.   Several Members took advantage of having their Ponies teeth checked for no charge and those who had to have something done were charged a minimal charge. 

The coming show season was discussed with Member’s putting forward ideas about Shows and things they would like included etc.  These get togethers are always a great chance to talk socially with other Members and talk ideas through and Members always say that they always go home learning something they didn’t know before.

Breed & Ag Shows:

These have gone well, with reasonable entries at these Shows.   We have been fortunate in that we could pick up some Shows in different areas, so that both north and south Members had Shows not too far from them. 


I don’t think Members realize that Classes at these Shows are sponsored for by our Promotional Group and some of the groups holding these Shows are asking for a lot of sponsorship, considering that the only benefit we as a group get out of it, is being able to show !    As an example,  some of the groups ask for a flat fee as sponsorship, some ask for us to provide the Champion, Reserve Champion and Supreme Sashes or Rosettes, some of them ask for us to book and pay for the Judge; most request us to supply a Steward, which I am happy to do if I am available.  BUT, at the recent Kapunda Show we had to do everything …..   provide the Champion, Reserve Champion and Supreme Sashes or Rosettes,  book and pay for the Judge and supply a Steward; which is a bit over the top. then to add insult, they gave our Members pieces of cardboard as place ribbons !!!!  I have had quite a bit of Member feedback in this regard and have emailed the Kapunda Show Committee making them aware of the situation. 

I just that that it was timely to remind Members that we have to pay in some form or other to have our Classes at these Shows and that we do not get any financial benefit from them; however they do serve a very good purpose in the Show Calendar.   If any Member has any comment or query about any of the Breed and/or Ag Shows, please don’t hesitate to contact me as I will always follow up with the Show in question and give them feedback from our Members.  


Ringside Behaviour:

It has been very disappointing that at some Shows this season there have been loud comments made from the ringside, by both competitors and spectators.   This is totally unnecessary and people should remember that sound carries, especially if there is any wind and that it is amazing how much you hear when you are in the ring.  As a Steward sometimes I shudder when I have heard people’s comments from outside the ring.  I have also had several Judges mention this to me also and it is very unacceptable behaviour.  In particular if the comments made are of an uncomplimentary nature about someone in the ring, the Judge or the Steward.  In one instance two competitors were discussing and criticizing the Steward in an extremely derogatory manner, especially given the Steward was a young girl who was trying to do  her best, under very trying circumstances and to have a competitor, or anyone else for that matter, degrade another person, in their hearing is disgusting.   This matter is under investigation at the present time and it is highly likely that the matter will be taken further, as behaviour like that will NOT be tolerated and the persons concerned will be dealt with appropriately and in accordance with the Constitution, penalties can be applied or bans on showing can be imposed.  


Membership Renewals:

Members are reminded that their Membership renewals are now overdue and that anyone who hasn’t renewed will now have to pay a late fee.  Members should also be aware that if they have not re-joined their Membership that they are unable to process any work in the office, or show at any shows, until they renew their Membership. If you haven’t renewed by 31 October 2013, you will not only be un-financial but you will have to re-apply for your Stud Prefix and/or Brand, as this will remain on file within the Society data base.  The same applies to your Membership number, this will always be on the data base as your Membership number and will be re-allocated to you on renewal of your Membership. 


Christmas Specialty Show:  

This is being held on Saturday 7 December, 2013, commencing at 12 noon and is being held at the Mallala Equestrian Centre.  I know this will be a popular venue with those Members who live north and for those who live some distance away, we are able to stay on grounds and there are stables also available.  Details and prices of stables and camping, which incidentally are quite reasonable,  are in the Newsletter.

Anyone who would like to check out the venue, can do so on their website

To make it possible to have our Show here, we are sharing the venue with MHAA® SA Promotional Group.  You will find the Show Schedule, Entry Form and Stable/Camping booking form in the Newsletter.  Any queries don’t hesitate to contact me.  


 Christmas BBQ & Get-together:

This will be held after our Christmas Specialty Show, starting about 6-30pm and Members and friends are invited to attend; we are requesting Members to bring a salad and/or sweet to share.  All details are on the flyer in the Newsletter package.   If you aren’t entered in the Show, you are still welcome to attend the Christmas BBQ.



Members are reminded that our Facebook page is for Member information, updates, show results and things of general interest.  It is NOT for personal conversations or to say derogatory nasty comments about anyone.  Any comment that is considered of this nature will be deleted and if necessary the person responsible will be banned from using the page.  I hope this action does not have to be taken, but if necessary, I can assure you it will !   Members are also reminded that by posting on the Facebook page, you are broadcasting to the world and as such can be disciplined by the National Committee if your comments are considered slanderous or that bring the Society and/or its Members into disrepute. 


Welcome New Members:

Welcome to the following new or re-joining Members:   we hope you enjoy your association with our SA Members.    If you have any queries, or wish to find out any information about Shows or promotional events, please do not hesitate to contact me.     My contact details are in the front of the Newsletter and if you do attend one of the Shows or events, please come over and say hello and I can introduce you to some of the Members. 


Please don’t be offended if at a Show some Members may seem a little off-handed; some Members get very nervous at Shows and appear to be rude or not interested, but it’s because they are becoming nervous about going in the ring, or their Pony maybe playing up or unsettled, so please understand it’s not you, it just nerves unsettling the Members. 

Alyssa   Amor  (Helen Satterley’s dear little Grand-Daughter) 
 Lynda  Olsen-Williams

 Jess, Emily, Layla, Amelia & Katie Gray (plus new Babe) 
Sarah Sypher

 Joseph  (“Uncle Joe”)  Pollard  
Cassandra Barton

 Mary & David Carter   
Judith Watkins


Don’t forget to send me any pictures or stud news for the Newsletter, Members always like to read other Members news.  Also don’t forget we love to have Foal pictures for the Newsletter too.  Why not write an article about your Stud, how you got started, what you enjoy doing the most etc, etc.   


Member updates:

If you would like to be updated between Newsletter on Shows or any other matters that come up, send me your email address or your fax number and I can then include you in the Member contact list.  We put most things on Facebook, but not everyone is on Facebook and so it’s good to be able to have an email address for sending Members information or changes to Shows etc. 


In closing I would like to pass on, on behalf of the Members, our sympathy to Joan & Les Hansford on the passing of their Son, Martin.  Also to Ian Clarke  (Joan’s Brother who always opens RDA rooms at Globe Derby for us)  as  Martin was his Nephew.   A very sad time for all the Family and you have all been in our thoughts.


Also passing Get Well wishes to Lois Pinchbeck who had a fall and has broken her arm; hope it’s not too long before its healed Lois, take your recovery slowly and look forward to seeing you at the next Show. 


As always I will try to get to as many Shows as I can and look forward to catching up with Members then.  In the meantime, if you have any queries about anything, don’t hesitate to contact me.  Evenings are best, but if you ring, please leave a message and I will ring you back.   I always return calls, sometimes it’s not possible to return the call for a day or so, but I will always return a call or email for that matter;  so if you haven’t had a reply call or return email, please try to contact me again, as sometimes emails and messages go astray. 


Wishing all who are breeding,  a successful and safe Foaling season. 


Kind regards,

Barb Voysey

SA State Delegate                               


SA Delegate’s Report: August, 2013

Dear Members,

My, the time is sure ticking away fast and here it is nearly the end of July and the first Show of our season is about to kick off to a flying start …. There is much excitement about our season this year … lots of exciting promotions and Performance events   ….   read on to be brought up to date with arrangements that have been made so far about all manner of things that involve our SA Promotional Group        


Newsletter:  Firstly, our Newsletter is out a later than usual, but we had so many things to confirm before sending it out, that it was worth waiting a couple of weeks, so that Members are up to date with most things.    

You will have noticed that with your Newsletter arrived the Newsletter of the SA Promotional Group of MHAA®; as we have gone back to the previous system of sending out the Newsletters together.  The new SA Committee of MHAA® believe that this is an extra service and is beneficial to Members to receive the extra information, particularly when we have several joint promotions and events planned together.   We are unique in SA that our two Groups work so well together, which is not only good for the breeds,  but also benefits the Membership.   Having said that, one Victorian AMPS® Group has seen the obvious success of working together and they are now beginning a working relationship with MHAA® Victorian Promotional  Group, which is great to see.   It should be stressed here, that at all times we retain our own identity, obey our own rules and work within our own Insurance requirements.  But when it means the Groups can save money by sharing venues and grounds etc, it makes good common sense to take advantage of any saving we can.   At this point, I should also THANK Ty Little for his sponsorship and for covering the cost of the total July Newsletter mail out.


High Point 2012/2013 / Special Awards  2012/2013:   Congratulations to all the winners of the High Point and Special Awards … well done everyone.  Congratulations also to everyone who came out to the Shows, it doesn’t matter if you won or not, you were out there having a good time and that’s the main thing.  I also again commend you on your behaviour at Breed and Agricultural Shows, you put the other Breeds to shame with our number of Ponies in the ring, no wonder everyone seeks us to have Miniature Pony Classes at Shows.

In the Newsletter  you will see the list of the winners of the High Point and the Special Awards, along with the schedule of points etc.  A BIG THANKYOU LEEANNE HALL for all her work collating and processing the High Points and to CHERYL GRANT a big THANKYOU also for her work checking them.  THANKS also to all the Members who assisted during the year, taking results at Shows when I was unable to attend; your assistance is very much appreciated. 


Awards Night:   We had a good turnout for the Awards night and it was really great to see so many Members who attended just to congratulate the winners and take the opportunity to socialize with other Members.  I think these sort of gatherings are important and gives Members a chance to talk in a relaxed atmosphere, as that is not always possible at Shows.  A BIG THANKYOU to LeeAnne Hall who took pictures on the night and provided us with a fantastic record of the event. 
THANKYOU to Helen Satterley for once again providing the lovely table decorations and large Horse shaped balloons (from BUDGET BALLOONS) they really added to the atmosphere on the night and due to popular demand we auctioned them at the end of the night.

In addition to our High Point Awards, we have several Special Awards which are designed as encouragement and sportsmanship awards and are awarded to Members who have not won High Point Awards, but who qualify and are considered worthy recipients of these Awards.  I would like to take this opportunity of THANKING those Members who have sponsored the Perpetual Special Awards Trophies and for also sponsoring the Trophy that the Members retain as a keepsake forever. 

High Point and Special Award winners were presented with a Perpetual Trophy that they hold for a year, along with another Trophy to keep and a Certificate and Sash, which has their and/or their Horse’s name printed on it.   Special Award winners receive a Certificate, Sash and Trophy and in the case of the major Special Award winners, they also receive a Perpetual Trophy, which they hold for a year.  All Junior Members receive a Participation Award Certificate and Trophy.

Appreciation Certificates were also awarded on the night to Members who have helped throughout the last season, and Sponsor Appreciation Certificates were awarded to those sponsors who were present, others will be posted; I believe Appreciation and Sponsor THANKYOU Certificates are very important.  

High Point 2013/2014: The conditions for this coming season are in the Newsletter, basically these are the same, with the addition of the High Point Appendix Pony;  so hopefully those of you with Appendix Ponies will be encouraged to bring them out to Shows.


Foal Futurities:  Following Member feedback and also as per the decision made at the Member Meeting last year, we are discontinuing the Foal Futurities in their current form.   The majority of Members don’t see the value in contributing to something that ‘may’ happen in three years and as so many Members don’t understand the concept of them, it seemed the most sensible thing to do is discontinue Foal Futurities as we have previously known them.   Those Members who had entered and previously (last year) paid nominations will be contacted personally to discuss their options.   If you believe you have paid nominations last year and if I haven’t contacted you over the next couple of weeks, please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss the position.


Foal & Young-Stock Show:

Our Foal & Young-Stock Show was very successful and the addition of the Young-Stock to the traditional Foal Show, has been very popular with Members.    The Judge was extremely impressed with the quality of the Ponies and commented on the standard of presentation of both the Ponies and their Handlers, making special mention of the pleasant and friendly atmosphere.

for winning SUPREME MINIATURE PONY FOAL  with their  home bred Foal,  
‘Almost Queen Of The Mountain’,

for winning
with ‘Adi-Amon Arrogance’.

THANKYOU to the Members who helped on the day with special THANKYOU to Ty Little, Doug Lind, Cheryl Neville and a very special THANKYOU to Gillian Emmerson and Melanie Collie, both of whom only came along to help on the day knowing that I was only running at half speed !  THANKYOU also to all the Members who helped clean up, wow it was fantastic to have so many lend a hand; it was awesome and the saying “many hands make light work” really came to life !!!

THANKYOU also to LeeAnne Hall for taking photos and again giving us a record of the Show and providing a much appreciated service to our Members.  


Classic Futurities:  Taking Member feed back into consideration and following the obvious success of theseClasses last season, these will take the place of the Foal Futurities.   Basically they are the same as the Foal Futurities but the advantage of these Classes is that you don’t have to have prenominated the Mare/Stallion or mating.  So if you have a lovely Pony, provided that it is owned or leased through the Society, irrespective of where it was born, you can enter these Classes.   The object of the Classic Futurities is that you pay a larger entry fee, say $20 per pony and ALL the entry money is put into a prize pool, the sashes and trophies are paid out of the prize pool and the balance of the money, less a small administrative amount, is divided between the top three place-getters.  So there is the opportunity to not only get your entry money back, but also a small profit, which depending on the number of Ponies who enter, could be a larger profit ! If you have any queries about these Classes, please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss or explain them further. 


Show Calendar:  You will see by the Show Calendar in the Newsletter that we have a great variety of promotional events and Shows this season already.  We have also been lucky to secure some Shows in different areas and so everyone planning which Shows to attend to get their High Point, hopefully will have some Shows not too far from them. 

We have a couple of Shows at Strathalbyn this year, which is great for those down South and in the Hills.                                                                                      
If anyone hears of any Shows or promotional events where we maybe able to  attend, please let me know.  Breeds don’t seem to contact other Breed Groups anymore, rather they seem to rely on just putting it on Aushorse or similar and expect Groups to contact them.   Also, in this regard if anyone sees a Show advertised on one of these sites, please let me know. 


Classes at Breed/Ag Shows:   In the Newsletter is the list of Classes which will be at all Breed and Ag Shows and  If, for any reason, the list of Classes are incorrect in Breed or Ag Show Programme’s, the Classes will be corrected at the Show. 


Promotional Events:   You will also see on the flyer enclosed with the Newsletter that we have some very exciting promotional events this year.   If anyone is interested in attending, with or without their Ponies, please let me know.   These promotional events are a great way to show the general public the wonderful attributes of the Australian Miniature Pony and I am surprised that still at every event I attend, there are people who have never met a real Miniature Pony; needless to say they are besotted with them  ….  who wouldn’t be !!!

Anyone who is interested in assisting at these promotional events, with or without Ponies, please contact me asap. 


Adelaide Animal Expo:  As Members are awarewe had a display stand at the Animal Expo this year to showcase our Miniature Pony Breed. This was a very successful promotional event and as always the Miniature Ponies were very popular with the general public, but had it not been for a small group of Members who pitched in and helped, this would not have been possible.   A HUGE THANKYOU to Michelle Francis, Doug Lind, Cheryl &Aleesha Neville, and the 7 Ponies they took to represent AMPS®.   Knowing I was recovering from the accident, they took over the whole Expo and were great ambassadors for our Group.  They did displays at allotted times during the day and had two pens with Miniatures on display at all times over the three day Expo.  THANKYOU ALL as without you and your Ponies this event would  not have gone ahead.  THANKYOU also to Tamara and Lesley Bakker, Vicki Young and Daryl Smith who also helped out on the site.


2014 Equitana ~ Sydney:   The Society will be having a promotional stand in the Breeder’s Village at Equitana in Sydney,  7 - 10 November, 2014 and Members are invited to be part of this event.    This will be a fantastic opportunity to advertise your Stud and there are various sponsorship packages available at extremely reasonable prices.  If you are interested in being a part of this fabulous opportunity, contact myself or Julie Spiteri,  Victorian & National Committee Member who is  co-ordinating the event, by phone:03 5368 9086 (evenings) or Mobile: 0414 973895: Email: [email protected]    

I will be attending Equitana and if any other Members are heading over, please let us know if you can volunteer some time on the stand.  It is always a great way to meet fellow breeders from all over Australia, who congregate at Equitana. 

Performance Shows:  Due to the time that the Performance Classes take at Shows, we have decided to hold separate Performance Shows this year; these will be combined with the MHAA® SA Promotional Group.  We found last year that if we held a Show and had Performance Classes, that we (Ty and I) arrived at 6am in the morning to set up and it was after 6-30pm at night when we drove out the gate to go home and that is far too long a day for  both 4 and 2 legged entrants  !!! Hopefully also by holding separate days,  it will encourage Members who don’t normally do Performance Classes to enter them, as after a day doing the breed, colour etc Classes,  most people and Ponies are too tired to do other Classes,  whereas if it’s a different day, you are fresh and looking forward to doing some different Classes.  We will also include the popular Agility Classes in the Performance Shows and if any Members have any ideas about other Classes we could include, please let me know. You will notice that we have made our Promotional Event at the Meadows Country fair a Performance Show as well; we thought this was too good an opportunity to let pass, as we can show to the general public the versatility of our Miniature Ponies.   We attended this event last year and it was a very busy day and a great promotional event with over 7,000 people attending the event, our exposure was priceless, especially as we were able to attend for no charge.    With regards the Performance Show at Meadows, we have set the AMPS® and the MHAA® Classes to proceed straight after each other for each section of the Performance Programme, so that no one is standing around waiting and also it will make it easier with regards putting out the Performance gear, so that for example we only have to put the Trail and/or Hunter course up once.    


Performance Classes from Championship Show:  I will contact everyone who was entered in the Championship Show Performance Classes with a view to including those Classes in this Performance Show.  Some Members have already contacted me as they have sold the Pony they were showing with at this Show and therefore won’t be competing and have kindly donated their Entry Fees to the Group, which is much appreciated.


Education / Information / Come ‘n Try Day:   We will be holding this on Sunday 18 August, 2013, at RDA Grounds, Globe Derby.  This is going to be a great day and all Members should try to attend.  We have  a Horse Dentist, Kym Cooper coming and she has agreed to inspect Ponies teeth for no charge.  So if you want to have your Ponies teeth checked, bring them along.  If any treatment is required she will let you know on the spot what needs doing and if you require the treatment done, she will do it.  Her prices will be reasonable and she will let you know how much before she does the treatment.  She believes the more Ponies who have their teeth checked the better and is happy to donate her time to us for free.   So why not take advantage of this wonderful offer and bring as many Ponies as you would like to, so they can have their teeth checked (don’t tell them the Dentist is coming !!!). Kym will also give Members a talk about Horse Teeth and the importance of having them checked regularly.  We will also have the Performance gear set up so Members can have a go at the Trail course etc and there will be Members present who are familiar with the Performance Classes and they will assist Members who want to learn more about these popular Classes. 


Member Meeting:  We will also have a  Member information Meeting about the  coming season and anything else that Members would like to discuss.  This is your chance to make any suggestions or have input into what we are planning for the future for AMPS ® SA.   Your input as a Member is vital to the success of our Group and your feedback and suggestions are always taken into consideration when planning events and Shows. 

If you are unable to attend, but would like something discussed, or would like to suggest something, please let me know and the topic can be raised on your behalf. 

We will have a bbq lunch and Members are requested to bring a salad or sweet to share.  Lunch will be $5-00 and Tea / Coffee will be $2 for a bottomless cup, which will include cake or other sweets on offer.

To assist with catering, Members are asked to advise me if you are attending and also if you are bringing any Ponies to have their teeth checked.  


Welcome New Members:  On behalfof the Members of the SA Promotional Group, I welcome all new Members and hope you enjoy your Australian Miniature Pony experience, but I warn you they are very very addictive and  ….. they are like chocolates ….  it’s very difficult to stop at just one !!!

Email Contact Details: Quite often I have information on events or Shows and it is very convenient to be able to contact Members via email, so if you have an email address and would like updates or programmes sent via email, please contact me.  I will also put information and/or updates on our Website and Facebook page but not everyone goes on Facebook, so to have email addresses helps keep Members updated.

Colour Description on Registration Certificates:  Members are reminded when putting colour descriptions on Registration Certificates, that they are ONLY ALLOWED 37 CHARACTERS FOR COLOUR DESCRIPTION.   Please remember this when submitting Registration Applications or Upgrades as if you put a colour description of more than 37 characters, you will have the paperwork returned and charged a handling fee ($22-00) and asked to resubmit the paperwork  with the correct number of characters in the colour description.   If you have any queries, please contact me. 


Upgrading Registrations:  Can be done up to 30 days before the actual date they are due to be upgraded, but remember that Measurement certificates are valid for 90 days.  Any queries regarding this contact me. Dont forget if you are due for an upgrade and it hasn’t been done, that you CANNOT SHOW until the upgrade has been processed in the office. 


Voting - Special Resolutions:  Please read the Special Resolutions carefully and if you don’t understand anything, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I CANNOT tell you how to vote, but I can explain the Resolutions, so that you can vote whichever way you feel is in the best interests of the Society and the Members.

If you haven’t received your voting papers, please contact me as a matter of urgency.   
This is your Society and it is important to vote and contribute to the running of your Society. 

The results of voting for the Special Resolutions, National Committee and State Delegate is ultimately up to the Members, so therefore I ask you to make sure you do vote, as if you do not vote, you may well in fact be voting for opposite to what you want !


Membership Renewals:   Members are reminded that their Membership renewals are now overdue and that anyone who hasn’t renewed will now have to pay a late fee.   Members should also be aware that if they have not re-joined their Membership that they are unable to process any work in the office, or show at any shows, until they renew their Membership.   If you haven’t renewed by 31 October, 2013, you will not only be un-financial  but you will have to re-apply for your Membership and go through the process as if you were joining for the first time.  If this happens, you do not have to re-apply for your Stud Prefix and/or Brand, as this will remain on file within the Society data base.  The same applies to your Membership number, this will always be on the data base as your Membership number and will be re-allocated to you on renewal of your Membership. 


THANKYOU to Helen and John Wegener, who acted as St John attendants at all of our Shows during the year and in fact for the past few years,  which is very much appreciated and I know that Helen has
re-arranged her work rosters to ensure that she would be available for our Shows:
so THANKYOU both.  We are very fortunate indeed to have ‘resident’ St John Officers as Members.  Members may not be aware, but we donate $50-00 to St. John every Show they are in attendance. 


THANKYOU to ALL Members who have helped in anyway during the year, your support and ongoing interest in our Promotional Group is what makes it such a great group.   In particular I would like to say a very sincere THANKYOU to all Members who have supported myself and Ty throughout the last few months since our horrific accident.  We are still coming to terms with the accident and everything that has happened since and it will take us some time to get over, but the one outstanding thing that we could never ever thank everyone for is the massive outgoing of support and love we have felt from our Miniature Pony friends from around Australia and in particular our SA Members.  With all our hearts we want you all to know how much you all mean to us both and how much your consideration, concern and offers of help have meant to us. I can honestly say that at times this is what has kept us going and we appreciate your kindness so much it’s hard to put into words how we feel about it and how much it has meant to us both.  THANKS EVERYONE !


SA State Delegate:   As you will have seen from the paperwork that came out with the renewals and voting papers, I was the only Member nominated for the position of SA State Delegate, which means that I will remain in this position for the next year.  As in the past I will always do my best for SA Members and indeed AMPS ® Members around Australia and will always make myself available to assist Members with any sort of queries.  I always stress that I am very particular that Member’s queries are kept confidential if the Member so desires them to remain that way. 

As always if you have any suggestions or ideas please don’t hesitate to put them forward; if you wish the suggestions to be anonymous, I will make sure this is done.  I believe that Member input is vital to the success of any group and therefore always take on board Member suggestions and/or ideas.    


Member queries:  If anyone has any queries about anything, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time and I will assist you as much as I can, if I cannot I will direct you to someone who can !   
Please remember that I work during the day and so the best time to ring is on the weekend or evenings after 7pm.  Mobile: 0418 821100 Home: 08 8384 6446.  If I am not able to answer the phone, please leave a message and if I haven’t replied within a day or so, please ring again; as sometimes messages don’t go through or get cut off half way.  I can also be reached by email:
[email protected] and if I haven’t responded within a couple of days, please resend.  I am finding that a lot of emails sent from ipads or iphones end up in the junk folder; but now that I am aware of that, I check it every day.  


In closing, I hope that Members have received some good rains and that the coming Foaling season is a happy and safe one  .... Foaling time is a time we sometimes love and hate  !!!  


Kind regards,

Barb Voysey

SA Delegate


SA Delegate’s Report: January, 2013

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL ~ I hope that the year ahead will be full of good times, much happiness and most of all good health, some of the simple things in life we take for granted, until we don’t have them that is.

We have had a busy few months, so I will try to give you a brief overview of the activities of our Promotional Group since the last Newsletter.



Promotional Event – Meadows Country Fair:
As I reported in the last Newsletter, we were asked to do a promotional display and demonstration at the Meadows Country Fair. This went off extremely well and we were kept busy all day talking to people and introducing them to the wonderful world of Miniature Ponies. This is a Country Fair and Farmer Field Day with approximately 7,000 people visiting during the day, so it is a big event in the area. We had a half an hour spot in the morning and another one in the afternoon, when we gave the public a demonstration of our Miniature Performance Ponies, showing their talent at the Trail and hunter jumping and as you can imagine this was well received and of great interest to the public. Michelle Francis, Not Just Embroidery, had embroidered our beautiful pink and black tops with the AMPS ® logo and Performance Ponies on the back, and as we all had the same tops it looked really great and made for a very striking display. BIG THANKYOU to Michelle for embroidering the tops and for Ty Little who donated the tops. Also a BIG THANKYOU to Ty, Michelle, Doug and Liz Lind, Cheryl and Aleisha Neville, Donna Bootle and Cherish Stephens who bought Ponies for the day and also did the displays. It was a really enjoyable day and a great promotional event for Miniature Ponies and was so popular that we have been asked back next year.

Christmas Picnic:
Our Christmas Picnic, come ‘n’ try fun day was a fantastic day. With sun shining and a glorious day, approximately 50 Members, Family and Friends converged on the Oakbank front oval for a fun and laugh filled day. It was a great chance to have informal and friendly chats with each other and discuss all manner of things and believe it or not, other things than Ponies and Shows were talked about !! We had the trail and jumps all set up and so those who had bought along their Ponies could have a go at them and it was great to see those Members who know the performance side of things, showing other Members how it was done, or not done and it set a great atmosphere. We also had a few games and I think some of the Members will think twice about entering an egg and spoon race with me again … the element of surprise works so well … even surprised myself !

We had a delicious bbq lunch that was donated and cooked by Jenny Cook , Karen and David Bail and added to that we had a wonderful array of food as everyone brought along a salad or sweet to share, which made for a delicious lunch. So on behalf of those who attended, a BIG THANKYOU to JENNY, KAREN and DAVID, your contribution was very much enjoyed and appreciated by all.

Several people asked me for some recipes of the slices I took, so if I haven’t passed them on to you yet, please let me know and I will send them to you.

The day culminated with the giving and sharing of gifts that had been kindly donated by John and Rosemary Bailey, of Yeliab Miniature Horse Stud, Owen. This was a most generous gesture and one that was appreciated by everyone and as their number was called out they received a lovely wrapped parcel, all of which contained some lovely useful presents. So on behalf of all those who received presents, a BIG THANKYOU to ROSEMARY and JOHN; your kindness was very much appreciated and really added to the Christmas spirit and to our picnic.

These types of get togethers are invaluable as they give everyone a chance to ask questions of each other, get tips on showing, grooming, feeding etc and just generally socialize and chat together, without the usual stress of Shows.


Calendar Of Events:
In the Newsletter is an updated Calendar of Shows and promotional events. Please note that some Shows have not confirmed that our Classes will be held at their Shows and as soon as I get any information on shows or events, I will have them posted on our Facebook page and Website. If you do not have access to the internet, please let me know and I can post you the information, or give you a ring to advise of any changes.

Super Summer Show:
In the Newsletter you will find the Show Schedule, Conditions of Entry and the Entry Form for the Super Summer Show and details of the Classic Futurities Classes that we will have at the Show. These Classes are not to be confused with the Foal Futurity Classes and Ponies do NOT have to have been nominated in any way; any Pony, who is registered with the Society, is eligible to be entered in these Classes. These are some new Classes, suggested by Members and I hope that Members like them. If anyone has any queries about the Classes, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I can explain them.

This Show will now be held on Sunday 3 February, 2013 at Oakbank School and was previously scheduled for the week before, but unfortunately the School double booked the grounds and so we had to take the only other available date, which was the following Sunday. Taking into account that this Show was originally scheduled for only a few weeks after Christmas; Entry Fees have been kept as cheap as possible, so that Members can enter more Classes. For this reason also the closing date has been left as late as possible. As a bonus to Members, this Show will attract double bonus High Points, but will of course only be counted as one Show.


Championship Show:
The Show Schedule, Conditions of Entry and also the Entry Form for the Championship Show are also included in the Newsletter. These are quite self-explanatory, but if anyone has any queries, as always contact me. Entry Fees have been kept the same as last year and again the closing date made as late as possible to assist Members.

Reminder that all Ponies entered in the Championship Show, have to be measured before the show ~ details on the Show Schedule. Anyone who hasn’t been measured will NOT be permitted to show.

Foal Futurities:
Those eligible for the Foal Futurities, namely those who have paid the third nomination last July, will be eligible to show in these Classes and will be contacted by the end of January. If you believe you are eligible and I have not contacted you, please contact me. These will be held prior to the commencement of the Championship Show.

Royal Breed Show:
As most of you would be aware, there will be Miniature Pony Classes at the Royal Breed Show on March 2 or 3, 2013. As I understand, the date has not yet been confirmed and will be done after the entries are all received. This is the first time the Royal have put on Breed Classes at a Show not held in conjunction with the Royal Show. We have also surprisingly been allotted all our Classes from the list of Classes submitted. The Miniature Pony Classes at the Royal Breed Show will NOT be High Point Classes. Unfortunately, I accidently put on the Show Calendar in the October Newsletter that the Royal Breed Show Classes and the Foal / Youngstock Show were High Point Classes. I was contacted by several Members after the Newsletter went out, saying that it was unfair to have them as High Point Classes due to the expense of the Classes and taking into consideration that the closing date was so early (mid December). When the error was realized, a note was put on facebook and the website. The Miniature Pony Classes have NEVER EVER in the past been High Point Classes, as it was always considered extremely unfair to Members due to the cost of the Classes and the rigmarole that has always been the case when showing at the Royal and also the fact that the closing date is always some considerable time before the Show.

It has been extremely difficult to confirm Judges for our Shows this Season. I have also had several instances that I have booked Judges only for them to cancel at the last minute (like the day before the Show!), which is extremely frustrating as then you have to get on the phone, for 2 hours or so, calling another 20 Judges, sometimes only able to secure the services of one, which is extremely tiring and quite time wasting, not to mention costly. I would have spoken to at least 60 Judges this season, just to secure Judges for our Show Calendar. Like an increasing number of Societies I will not publish a Judge’s name unless the Judge has confirmed in writing. Gone are the days when you could confidently advise a Judge’s name and know they
would be there on the day – a sad fact of today’s show circuit.

All Judges are given a copy of the Standard of Excellence and Showing Standard of the Australian Miniature Pony Society Inc, along with a sketch of a Miniature Pony and a Miniature Horse, which points out the characteristics of a Miniature Pony as opposed to a Miniature Horse.

Members should also be reminded that the Judge’s decision is final and that it is their opinion on the day and they are entitled to it and should not be questioned on it and it is extremely rude of a competitor or handler to question the Judge and/or Steward on the results of a Class, and in fact is against our Rules.

If any Member has any information as to why we should not use a certain Judge, please contact me immediately and I can assure you that your name and comments will be kept in confidence,

Hot Weather Policy:

I have discussed with several Members, National Committee and other Horse / Pony groups, the introduction of a ‘Hot Weather Policy’. In this regard each State is different and therefore the Promotional Groups are left to introduce their own ‘Hot Weather Policy’, if they feel it necessary. I also notice of late that there are several Horse groups who have introduced such a policy, some making the decision at 6-30pm the night before the Show, but to me, that is far too late and also there begs the next question, …. how to word the Policy ? … what do you do about the grounds you have paid to hire ? … What about Judges, Stewards, Caterer’s ? … When do you re-schedule the Show so that it doesn’t conflict with other Shows ?

In this day and age of advanced weather forecasts we should know long enough in advance to be able to re-arrange things. Taking all that into account and after I have thought long and hard about a ‘Hot Weather Policy’ I think the most sensible approach is that I will watch the weather and if it appears that we will have extreme heat for several days before and including the Show day, an early decision will be made regarding canceling/postponing the Show. In any event, I will personally contact ALL Members who have entered the Show and advise them what is happening. That way we don’t have to rely on anyone misinterpreting weather forecasts or policies. If anyone has any queries or comments on this please contact me.

I have included in the Newsletter the Dr John Kohnke information and if Members would like a copy emailed to them when I receive it, please contact me. Likewise I receive the Horse SA information, E-News and am more than happy to pass that on if Members contact me.

Upgrading Ponies:
Because there has been considerable confusion with regards to upgrading Ponies and when the paperwork can be sent into the office, etc, I now clarify the procedure. For 2, 4, and 6 year upgrades, paperwork can be sent into the office up to 30 days PRIOR to the Pony’s actual birthdate. It should be noted that the Pony cannot be shown, without the upgrade having been done. Just as a reminder, your measure certificate is current for 90 days only. If you have any queries with regards to this, please contact me.

As always, we need sponsorship to carry on, without the generosity of our Members and Sponsors we could not survive. So if any Member has any suggestions regarding sponsors or knows someone who will become a sponsor, please contact me. We accept cash, vouchers, goods to raffle or for prizes, we are grateful for anything ! I often get asked how much a sponsor has to donate, if doing it in cash, my reply is that we accept any amount, you don’t have to make a big cash donation, just what you can afford and every dollar helps, so if you can only offer $10-00 that is most acceptable, as if every Member donated $10-00 that would be fantastic ! An updated list of sponsors is in the newsletter, please support these sponsors where you can and if you happen to be talking to one of them, thank them for their sponsorship. Some Members have sent thankyou cards to sponsors and this is also very much appreciated by our sponsors.

Colour Description on Registration Certificates:
Members are reminded when putting colour descriptions on Registration Certificates, that they are ONLY ALLOWED 37 CHARACTERS FOR COLOUR DESCRIPTION. Please remember this when submitting Registration Applications or Upgrades as if you put a colour description of more than 37 characters, you will have the paperwork returned and charged a handling fee ($22-00) and asked to resubmit the paperwork, with the correct number of characters in the colour description. If you have any queries, please contact me.

All Show results will be put on the Website and noted on Facebook as soon as possible after a Show. Please be patient if they sometimes take a little longer than others to put up, as personal circumstances at times make it difficult to finalize them and have them published

New Members:
We have a few new Members in SA and I would like to take this opportunity to welcome them to the joys of owning a Miniature Pony … but be warned they are addictive and somehow owning one Miniature Pony can soon lead to owning two ….then three and then …… .!!!

It has been great also to have several of these new Members in the Show ring already and I would like to take this opportunity of wishing them good luck and hope they enjoy showing their Ponies. THANKYOU to those Members, who have been assisting new Members at Shows, as it is such a nice welcome to a new Member to be offered assistance at a Show. I know it is difficult at a Show, especially if you are short of handlers, to socialize with others, but if you do have a spare minute, please introduce yourself to anyone you see who is new to our AMPS ® Show ring.

Email Contact Details: Quite often I have information on events or Shows and it is very convenient to be able to contact Members via email, so if you have an email address and would like updates or programmes sent via email, please contact me.

Stud Books:
I have copies of Stud Books 1,2,3,4 if anyone wishes to purchase one or a set. Any queries, please contact me.

Property Identification Code: (PIC)
Members are again reminded that it is now a legal requirement to register your property if you keep equines on your property, even if it’s one little Pony you MUST apply for a PIC number. If you have any queries, check the PIRSA or Horse SA website or phone PIRSA (Primary Industries & Resources’ SA) them on 8207 7919.

Foal Brag:
Just a reminder that Members can submit their Foal photos
for the Newsletter anytime and that they can also submit them to Small Talk (details of where to send etc, in Small Talk). There is no charge and we encourage Members to send in their photos.

As in previous years I will attend as many Shows as I possibly can and look forward to catching up with Members at Shows, and / our Promotional events, as well as other social functions. Please try to attend as many get-together’s as possible other than the Shows, as they are always a great opportunity to catch up without the pressure of showing.

Also if you have any suggestions regarding functions or fund raisers that we can arrange, please let me know.

In the meantime don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any queries or suggestions about anything.

In closing on behalf of Members, I would like to congratulate Helen Edwards and John Wagener on their recent marriage.

For those of you who aren’t aware, Helen & John are St John Volunteers and officiate at all our Shows, something which we are all grateful for and never take the time they put in for granted. I also use this opportunity to thank Helen and John for their commitment in that area.

It is also timely to offer our condolences to LeeAnne Hall, whose Mother recently passed away. We have also had a few Members in hospital and on the sick list and I hope you have all on the road to recovery now. Thinking of you all.

Until my next report,

Regards Barb Voysey,

SA Delegate